RIEDEL Ayam Colored - grigio, menta, rosa Limited Edition

Award-winning functionality in color!

Ayam is adding a splash of colour to our lives in 2021! In 2016 Maximilian J. Riedel introduced the Ayam decanter, a remarkable fusion of form and function. The majestic, elegant Ayam hen served as the inspiration for this design, which is both innovative and functional. Ayam has a double decanting function that allows younger and also more mature wines to show their full potential. 

Shortly after its market launch this decanter already won the Good Design Award and has since become a true icon, thanks to its extravagant design. 

Adaptations of iconic designs are not uncommon. So too has RIEDEL developed variations of Ayam, while always keeping its basic design and function. It has been incarnated as a Magnum, a Mini and as an oversized special edition with a rainbow motif for the Elton John Aids Foundation. Ayam is a bestseller in RIEDEL's decanter collection.

Georg Riedel came up with the idea for the color variations, which were first applied to the Amadeo decanters in 2019.

The crystal glass decanters are mouth-blown and handcrafted in RIEDEL's glass factory in Kufstein and are now also available in menta (a shade of green), grigio (grey) and rosa (pink).

By the way: If you’re running out of space on your dinner table, you can just hang your Ayam decanter from the edge!