Introduced in 2019

Limited Edition mini decanters

Small in size, big in appeal

For many years, RIEDEL has emphasized the importance of decanting to increase wine enjoyment.  From red and white, young and old, and even for champagne, a decanter can enhance flavour and awaken vitality.  

RIEDEL has now taken a selection of their best-selling decanters and reinvented them in mini form!

The RIEDEL Mini Limited Edition decanters hold exactly half a bottle of wine (375ml) and are a wonderful alternative to the regular size – and not only as an answer to storage issues. Ranging in size from 183mm to 282mm tall, they are perfect for when you don’t want a whole bottle of wine in one sitting but want it to be perfectly decanted.

RIEDEL Mini Decanters are both exquisite and functional – their design is guaranteed to generate that wow effect. The decanters are hand-blown and handcrafted from crystal glass in the RIEDEL factory in Kufstein.


RIEDEL Horn Decanter & RIEDEL Horn Mini Decanter

How small is "mini"?

Amadeo - Standard: 350mm / Mini: 250mm

Ayam - Standard: 287mm / Mini: 250mm

Cornetto - Standard: 325mm / Mini: 282mm

Curly Pink - Standard: 265mm / Mini: 183mm

Horn (pictured) - Standard: 370mm / Mini: 265mm

Mamba - Standard: 325mm / Mini: 255mm