Mixing & Cocktails Sets

Take homemade drinks to the next level

Take your homemade drinks to the next level with our Mixing & Cocktails Sets.

From elaborate cocktails to a classic gin and tonic, we've got the glass for your favourites. Offering a range of styles for every type of cocktail lover, these fantastic sets are ideal for home or make the perfect gift.

Our Mixing Sets are ideal for those who enjoy creating their own cocktails at home, with each box including cocktail recipes designed for RIEDEL by Meike Zimmerman, an up-and-coming German mixologist. The collection also features all the sets you need for perfect pre-dinner drinks, including our infamous Gin glass sets.

The Mixing & Cocktails Sets are machine-made in crystal glass. They are sold in a set of four. All RIEDEL glassware is dishwasher safe. 

Get mixing with our sets

recipes for any time of year

Picknick-scenery on a summer meadow with mountain view. 2 mixed drinks served in Tumbler Collection Optical O Longdrink.

Alternative Tonic Cocktails (without Gin!)

If you ever find yourself without any gin - or simply don't like it - we've got two quick and easy recipes for tonic lovers. Try this aromatic Bitters & Tonic or fruity Lillet Tonic for a change!

Mixing Rum Set Mojito

Holiday At Home With These Rum Cocktails

Is there a better definition of a summer holiday than a classic Mojito or exotic Mai Tai? Find out how to create these delicious rum cocktails using our Mixing Rum Set, which was created especially for rum cocktails, to bring your summer vacation home.


Cocktails for Cold Winter Evenings

When it's cold outside, there is nothing like cuddling up by the fire with a tempting hot drink to warm yourself up. Check out these four unique cocktails that are perfect for cold winter days!

Women raising their filled RIEDEL Aperitivo glasses

Mix it in RIEDEL

When you want to take your drinks up a notch, our lofty Double Magnum glass will suit cocktails of every whim and fancy. From summer spritzes to your pre-dinner gin and tonic, check out these recipes using this stemmed glass, to add an air of elegance to aperitif hour. 

Mulled Gin: It's Mulled Wine 2.0

Welcome in the winter and cooler evenings with two delicious and warming mulled gin recipes - a trendy alternative to classic mulled wine. Perfectly served in the RIEDEL Barware Tumblers, these hot drinks will be the highlight of every convivial round with family or friends.

Orange marmelade gin and tonic

Orange Marmalade Gin and Tonic

A classic Gin & Tonic has to be one of the easiest cocktails to make, but occasionally we love to mix it up and add a twist. One of our favourites includes the addition of orange marmalade, which makes the most delicious tangy cocktail and looks absolutely amazing when served in our RIEDEL Gin glasses.