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This year we are particularly proud to present the striking and extremely functional RIEDEL Winewings collection. The ultimate key to wine and therefore a must-have for everyone who not only wants to drink great wines, but desires to fully understand them.


RIEDEL Winewings

The striking collection by Georg Riedel

Over the course of his 47-years working in his family business, 10th generation Georg Riedel has become the father of functional glassware.

Following 12 months of development, Georg debuts a series with a completely unique shape. Reminiscent of an aircraft wing, complete with winglets, RIEDEL Winewings was born!

RIEDEL Winewings is “brutally functional, taking the wine’s aromas and flavours on a flight,” Georg says. “I chose a flat and stretched bottom with a wing-like shape as it increases the surface area of the wine exposed to oxygen. This leads to greater levels of evaporation and enables a greater intensity of aroma.”

This innovative series is a symbolic shift in aesthetic for the RIEDEL brand, as it is a step away from his father’s original Sommeliers series shapes, and towards a new era of functional glassware.


The RIEDEL Winewings Decanter


The RIEDEL Winewings decanter is a colourful and elegant recreation of RIEDEL's Swan decanter. First designed in 2008, Swan's striking elongated curves make it an incredible statement piece, with the grace of a beautiful bird. Wine is gently decanted through the large opening then poured from its exquisite neck - long enough to reach any guest at the dinner table!

The new iteration of this decanter, at the same soaring height but a slimmer design, now also includes an indented handle for easier pouring. This piece features a lavender purple stripe through the design, achieved by introducing a rod of purple crystal into the molten glass before the decanter has been formed.