This new revolutionary decanter is the latest addition to RIEDEL’s “glass menagerie”.

Kufstein 2014 – The RIEDEL name is synonymous with highly advanced functional stemware and decanters.

Form follows function – this signature principle of the Bauhaus movement became the family enterprise’s motto early on. The Horn decanter joined the groundbreaking collection of mouth-blown, functional decanters in 2014.

Our glassblowers in Kufstein shape the decanter, which is modeled on a classic horn, freely and without any moulds – a process that requires the utmost precision and a high level of skill. The clear crystal glass of the decanter is accentuated by a broad yellow stripe framed by two slim black lines. They trace the silhouette of the stylised shape.

The decanter’s shape is a tribute to the Riedel family’s central European heritage in Austria and Bohemia. It was inspired by the symbol of the Austrian postal services, the famous post horn.

Like RIEDEL’s other spiral-shaped decanters, the Horn decanter uses RIEDEL’s proprietary “double decanting“ technology, which creates a vacuum in the vessel thus accelerating the aeration of the wine. The spiral-shaped body of the horn allows the wine to develop its full taste potential perfectly and quickly.