SKU 1950/19-20

RIEDEL Decanter Mamba R.Q.

RQ = questo articolo è fornito in "scelta ristorazione", ovvero può contenere delle piccole imperfezioni rispetto allo stesso articolo in "prima scelta". Per questo motivo viene offerto ad un prezzo di acquisto speciale ad uso esclusivo del ristorante.
RIEDEL Decanter Mamba R.Q.

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"I prefer to decant wines, both young and old. It is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines. Decanting old wines, just a few moments before thy are served, helps to ensure that the wines' clarity and brilliance are not obscured by any deposit than may have developed over time. Decanting young wines several hours before they are served gives the wine a chance to bloom and attain a stage of developement the normally requires years of aging."
Christian Moueix – President of the Négociant house ètablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix