Accessories for your
RIEDEL Glassware

perfectly made to maintain your products

Have you ever wondered how to best care for your RIEDEL products? Or how to travel with them?

In general, we recommend washing all our RIEDEL glasses in the dishwasher.
For decanters or to give your glasses the finishing touch by hand, use these special accessories that will help you clean and extend the life of your glassware.

For those of us who love to travel, we have designed a special bag for your stemware, so that you can always have your favorites at hand without fear of breaking them.

Woman cleans a RIEDEL Amadeo Decanter with bottle cleaning beads.
for extra shine

RIEDEL Microfiber Polishing Cloth

The Microfibre Polishing Cloths are the perfect lint-free tool for drying and polishing your glassware products. It can be applied dry or lightly damp, cleans thoroughly and scratch-free, removes grease and dries at the same time, polishes without leaving behind fluff or lint.

Woman cleans a RIEDEL Amadeo Decanter with bottle cleaning beads.
For easy cleaning

RIEDEL Bottle Cleaners

The RIEDEL Bottle Cleaner removes dirt, residue, sediment, and superficial stains from inside the decanter. If dried and stored correctly, these stainless steel beads can be used many times. Please be aware that this product cannot be used in the following decanters as they can become lodged in the design: Ayam, Eve, Curly, Boa, Mamba, Horse, Twenty Twelve, Bliss, Altitude Matters, Sakura, Ox, Winewings, Swan and Face to Face.

Bring your own


The perfect travel companion, the RIEDEL BYO Bag allows you to take your favourite glasses with you wherever you go.

Comfortably padded for protection, the bag comes with three adjustable inserts that can be moved according to the size of your glass. With two handles as well as a strap for wearing the bag over your shoulder, the RIEDEL BYO Bag holds up to four stemmed glasses so you never need to compromise when enjoying wine!

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to give them a long and shiny life