New ‘Girafe’ offers a solution to sedimentation for mature wines

JANUARY 2019, Glassware innovator, Riedel, has developed a new decanter named The Girafe. The latest addition was created to offer a solution to the separation of sediments, a bothersome side effect for those that like to enjoy fine aged wines and has proven difficult or even impossible to solve to date.

The name of this latest decanter developed by Maximilian J. Riedel, was inspired by its long neck which remidned the 11th generation CEO of a Giraffe. On the one hand, the design gives the decanter grace and elegance, and on the other hand – arguably more important point – the shape fulfils a vital purpose:

“It agglomerates, or collects, the sediments in the curves at the base of the decanter neck – at the shoulder, in a manner of speaking. The shape keeps the sediments from being poured out with the wine, which solves the annoying problem of sediments in the wine glass. This is definitely good news for lovers of aged wines!” says Maximilian Riedel, pleased with his successful design.

An additional effect of this carafe is the automatic temperature control, which is achieved thanks to its perfectly balanced volume, designed to ensure the wine always has the correct temperature. Girafe is handmade in crystal glass.