Durable, consistent, reputable

Why should your establishment use RIEDEL?


When it comes to buying glassware for your restaurant, you want a product that is reliable, consistent, and high-quality. Let us take you through exactly why RIEDEL is the perfect glassware brand for your business.

Durable, consistent, reputable

Many variables have to be factored in when choosing glassware to stock your establishment’s bar. How reliable and reputable is the manufacturer? Can you be sure you’ll be able to order the same glasses repeatedly to maintain a consistent theme throughout your bar? Is the product of the desired quality?

With RIEDEL, you can emphatically tick all these boxes, and we’re here to tell you how.


RIEDEL ranges often stay for the long-haul

At RIEDEL, we avoid discontinuing glassware collections unless we have good reason to. When a series resonates with our customers, we recognize this and will continue to provide it to customers if there’s a demand for it.
Take our Vinum machine-made glassware series as an example. Introduced in 1986 as our original varietal-specific machine-made glass, Vinum has remained in circulation for almost 4 decades as it continues to be a favorite with our customers. Likewise, our RIEDEL Sommeliers Collection, which Vinum was modelled on, became our first varietal-specific series of any sort when we introduced it in 1973. Sommeliers is now approaching 50 years of being in circulation. Talk about consistency.
Why should this matter to a restaurant, bar, or hotel? Because product consistency is crucial to a customer’s experience and, ultimately, an establishment’s success. A customer’s experience should be equally positive on any night of the week. When it comes to drinks, this means making sure what you serve tastes just as good regardless of who is behind the bar or what day of the week it is. The glassware you use plays a significant part in this, as the glass impacts your drink’s taste and its presentation. Sure, there will be times when you decide to mix up your glassware stock, but this should be intentional and infrequent rather than being forced upon your establishment, leaving you with an inconsistent, unsatisfactory assortment of glasses.


RIEDEL means stability

It’s not just our individual glassware series that can demonstrate their longstanding availability; this applies to RIEDEL overall as a company!
RIEDEL is proud to have operated since 1756. During this time, we have cemented ourselves as a leading force in the world of drinking glasses. This strength and longevity provides numerous benefits for establishments that we work with, including:

  • A reliable quality of service. At RIEDEL, we have spent a long time working with countless restaurants, bars, and hotels. That means we have the art of dealing with establishments and meeting their needs down to a tee, so you can feel secure knowing that you’re dealing with experienced, knowledgeable glassware providers you can count on.
  • RIEDEL’s strong standing in the glassware world also means we are well-placed to respond to evolving market conditions and innovate glassware to meet new demands. This makes it simpler for establishments working with us to stock up on glassware for that cocktail that now sells at ten times the rate it did five years ago, ensuring you won’t get caught out at any point. We released our popular Drink Specific Glassware series in 2019 in response to the year-on-year increase in the market share of spirits, recognizing the increasing need for establishments to provide tailored cocktail glasses to their customers. We will continue with our dynamic, adaptive approaches to the ever-changing market to ensure that customers who work with us are able to keep up with the times.
  • Finally, the stability of RIEDEL means establishments can build strong relationships with us over time. Dealing with providers is more enjoyable when you have time to develop a rapport with them, right? With the knowledge that RIEDEL is a reputable and established brand, on-premise customers have time to build positive, long-lasting relations with our teams. A handy way to make the glass-purchasing side of running a business as easy and pleasant as possible.


We’ve made the point that working with RIEDEL means you can feel confident you’ll be able to consistently get the stock you want year after year from a stable, established brand that has stood the test of time and responds to changing market demands. Sometimes, however, it is good to be creative and try out interesting and innovative designs. So, is RIEDEL still a good choice if you see your establishment as being something of a trailblazer? You bet.
RIEDEL has a track record of innovation that will appeal to any hospitality professional who wants to work with a forward-thinking, creative glassware brand. We are proud to have led the way on grape varietal-specific glassware that began with our Sommeliers Collection. Meanwhile, our introduction of the RIEDEL Winewings Collection in 2020 saw us adopt an unconventional wine glass design that maximizes a wine's surface area, allowing it to develop as much as possible in the glass after pouring. So, while working with RIEDEL does mean that an establishment can achieve consistency with its glassware, there is also plenty of opportunity to get creative and try something new and exciting.

The finest material

Another reason why RIEDEL is the choice for industry professionals is the unmatched brilliance of the materials we use. All RIEDEL glassware is made with crystal glass, which holds the following advantages over regular glass:

  1. Crystal is a harder, stronger material than regular glass, meaning it is more durable! Using more durable material means your crystal glasses last longer than regular glass. Of course, any glassware is still a fragile material, so don’t take this as an invitation to start throwing your glasses around the kitchen!
  2. Since crystal is a harder, stronger material than glass, it allows us to create fine glassware pieces like our RIEDEL Veloce Collection. And trust us, once you’ve experienced the pleasure of fine crystal glassware, it is hard to go back.
  3. Crystal gives a look of unmatched brilliance to your glassware. Crystal refracts light wonderfully, giving it a distinctive sparkle that makes it stand out from ordinary glass. This doesn’t necessarily relate to the longevity of the glasses, but we think it’s a compelling reason to choose them all the same.

All RIEDEL On Premise glasses are safe for dishwashing too. An independent regulator has certified that our glasses are able to withstand at least 1,000 cycles in a dishwasher with no demonstrable change to their shine, or quality. So any bar, restaurant, and hotel managers among you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to spend hours handwashing your RIEDEL glasses at the end of a busy evening.