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(Updated on: Feb 05, 2024)

Bright lively hues for your home - Looking for something extra unique? Explore the RIEDEL world of color!

There are a variety of methods used to add color to our products. From stemmed to stemless, machine made to handmade, there's something for everyone.

Introducing 2023

New RIEDEL Laudon Colors

RIEDEL Laudon Silver and Gold on a black and white marble background with jewellery, makeup and a purse scattered around them.

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RIEDEL Tumbler Collection featuring RIEDEL Laudon


There is a piece for every wine lover in our collection of inventive and functional decanters. All the decanters shown here are handmade, where color is added by introducing a rod of colored crystal into the molten glass before the decanter has been formed.
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Happy O

First introduced in 2007, this fun machine-made set of coloured O Wine Tumblers is now available in a couple of cheery variations. Each featured color is sprayed onto the base of the crystal clear tumbler to add a playful element to the glass without overwhelming the look of the drink within.

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RIEDEL Fatto A Mano

This Grape Varietal Specific series combines a handmade multicolored stem with a handmade base and machine-made bowl. To achieve this unique look, our glassblowers reheat and coat a colored crystal bar with clear crystal before drawing out the stem. The glasses are available as a single stem or in a pack of six mixed colors.

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RIEDEL Fatto A Mano Performance

This grape varietal specific wine glass series combines a clear machine-made bowl from the RIEDEL Performance series, featuring our iconic optic impact. They are available in three color variants: black stem with a clear base, clear stem with a black base, or red stem with a clear base, all handmade. The color is created by inserting colored crystal into the molten glass before blowing.
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RIEDEL High Performance

The name of this glass series says it all, combining function and design for ultimate luxury. Introduced in 2020, the collection features a breathtakingly tall stem - bringing each glass's overall height to 32.5 cm / 12.75 in - that adds drama to your tabletop. This handmade series features bowls with optic impact, proven through international workshops to deliver a better aromatic experience.
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These bright and beautiful tumblers feature a classic cut-crystal design. Each featured color is sprayed on the crystal clear machine-made tumbler, then carefully polished off the clear components by hand.
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