Which one is right for you?

Grape Varietal Specific vs Wine Friendly Glassware


The world of wine can appear complex enough without adding in complicated glassware choices. But don’t sacrifice enjoyment because of terminology – find out the meaning of two key RIEDEL terms for functional glassware.

Why does shape matter?

In the 1950s, 9th generation Claus J. Riedel discovered that the shape and size of your drinking vessel has an impact on your perception of what’s within. Different shaped glasses brought different characteristics of wine and other beverages to the forefront while muting others.

Through rigorous testing and research, Claus developed a suite of glasses that brought balance and harmony to particular wine varieties. This now famous RIEDEL philosophy has revolutionized the wine industry, offering customers tried and tested products with optimal functionality for greater wine enjoyment.

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Wine Friendly


Grape Varietal Specific

Grape Varietal Specific glasses feature finely-tuned bowls consisting of three variables: shape, size and rim diameter, which are designed to translate the message of wine to the human senses.

These highly purposeful pieces work with wine’s DNA to present the perfect picture, balancing bouquet, texture, taste and flavor. Each shape has been engineered in a practical sensory workshop, testing shape against shape to ensure that the grape variety is presented in the most optimal way.

RIEDEL Grape Varietal Specific collections include:

Sommeliers (Handmade)
RIEDEL Fatto a Mano (Finished by Hand)
RIEDEL Superleggero premium (Machine-Made)
O Wine Tumbler (Machine-Made)
RIEDEL Veritas (Machine-Made)
RIEDEL Performance (Machine-Made)
RIEDEL Winewings (Machine-Made)
Vinum (Machine-Made)
RIEDEL Veloce (Machine-Made)