Style for life and the zeitgeist


The SPIEGELAU Lifestyle series is a masterpiece of elegant lines. This glassware is at home wherever savoir vivre and zeitgeist meet.

Its modern diamond shape is heightened by a sophisticated linear texture. The brilliant crystal glasses sparkle with mesmerizing radiance that enhance the mood of any festive table. The elegant linear motif unites all glass products in the series into a characterful family.


Lines of elegance

SPIEGELAU Lifestyle spans wine glasses, a champagne glass, long drink glass, tumbler, and a carafe, all featuring the subtle undulating texture that is the hallmark of this boldly assured series.

The clear, unobtrusive lines of the design soar from base to rim, enhancing the diamond shape of the bowls and scintillating beautifully, especially at the top of the glasses and carafe above the level of the contents.

SPIEGELAU Lifestyle is a thoroughly modern glassware series that proclaims its strong individual character in both technical and visual terms, especially enhancing trend-aware hospitality settings.


Structure and elegance

As connoisseurs know, SPIEGELAU was one of the initiators of the “diamond shape” philosophy for wine glasses; the company’s Willsberger Anniversary series offers ample confirmation.

But SPIEGELAU Lifestyle offered a further fresh take on this ground-breaking development; it was the first glassware to create a visual effect that actually intensified wine appreciation in terms of aroma, taste, and hue.

The larger interior area of SPIEGELAU Lifestyle glasses presents an attractive setting for the contents - but also allows the wine to open up and develop its aroma to the full, down to even the subtlest nuances.

The sparkling crystal glassware, with its soaring lines, slim stem, and stable base, is designed to offer the ultimate in drinking pleasure with every sip.

Four SPIEGELAU Lifestyle red wine glasses on a wooden table. One of them is filled with red wine.<br/>

Visual effect

intensifies wine appreciation in terms of aroma, taste, and hue

Large interior area

allows the wine to open up and develop its aroma to the full

The ultimate in drinking pleasure

with every sip


A bar champion

The texture of the glasses showcases popular drink choices like gin and tonic, Aperol spritz, and Hugo in a whole new way.

Sense and sensibility

The subtle power of color

Can a humble water tumbler be brilliant and inspiring? Of course - if it’s part of the SPIEGELAU Lifestyle series! The colors in this tumbler range are concentrated in the base, and subtly graduate upward through the glass. Available in hues of Ocean, Leaf, Sun, and Lilac, the series has a unique and distinctive character created by the fascinating play of color and vertical blown lines of the designs. And it’s naturally dishwasher safe, too.