The NACHTMANN Highland Square longdrink glass filled with a clear drink with lime and ice cubes and the tumbler filled with a Campari drink on the rocks.<br/>

The ultimate in bar culture


This glassware series is on a mission – to set the stage for premium beverages, from whisky to long drinks and cocktails. The clean, clear lines of the glassware communicate the assured style of the Highland series. Highland is an indispensable part of the world’s most prestigious bars, clubs, and restaurants. Its design adeptly strikes a balance between nostalgic flair, iconic purism, and glamor.

The classically subtle yet striking cut pattern emphasizes the series’ strong character and creates a worthy setting for the contents within. The heavy bottoms and lavish facets of the glasses create fascinating reflections, bringing sparkles of subtle color to the beverages and blending them into their environment.


Crystal tumblers

The name of the series also expresses its quintessence, referencing the Scottish Highlands as one of the world’s largest and most versatile whisky regions. The Highlands are legendary for the variety of whiskies they produce, from light and delicate to dark, oaky, and intense. Their names –Aberfeldy, Dalmore, Glengoyne, Oban, and more –are savored by connoisseurs.

Once a whisky aficionado has experienced a single malt served in a Highland glass, sparkling as richly as a well-shot film set, there is no turning back! The Highland series captures the inspirational purism of true bar culture. It advocates for leisurely appreciation of high quality spirits – yet is also open to new ideas. These glasses celebrate the art of stylish restraint, whether they used to serve the purest of distillations or a cornucopia of fresh ingredients and intriguing flavors.

Highland creates the perfect setting for today’s bar culture, always offering the ideal glass for every exclusively selected beverage. The range includes Whisky Tumblers, Long Drink Tumblers and Tumblers in four cut patterns: Cross, Diamond, Square, and Straight.


Whisky Decanter

The Highland Carafe is the epitome of classic traditional design. Crafted from pellucid crystal glass, it is a supremely stylish option for serving single malt and blended whiskies. The Carafe is also available as a Bar Set with 4 tumblers with different cut patterns. And the Carafe has practical, thoughtful design features: it is large enough to take a standard whisky bottle, and has a stopper with a perfect seal.

Color variations


Seeking that special color accent? The Whisky Tumblers are available in one accent color per cut pattern:

Cross: in Amber
Diamond: in Reseda
Square: in Smoke
Straight: in Aqua


The NACHTMANN Highland Diamond longdrink glass filled with a berry cocktail on ice next to the Highland Diamond tumbler filled with a Negroni.<br/><br/>
Glasses with character, for people with personality. Highland bar glassware is the ideal choice for sociable groups, stylish dinner parties, and other occasions calling for a good drink. The wealth of patterns and colors create a fascinatingly varied setting. Teamed with an exquisite selection of spirits, they are a guarantee of sophisticated enjoyment.

Richard Voit, CEO