Our Glassware

  • Durable / sustainable product – long lasting and reusable for many years
  • Up to 50% made from recycled RIEDEL crystal glass within our factories.
  • Crystal glass is inert and does not react with substances or materials that it comes into contact with (in contrast to plastic which, for example can release Bisphenol A (BPA)).
  • Production processes are completely BPA-free (no plastic).
  • Our crystal glass is compliant with all known migration limits and is fully certified for safe usage with food and drinks.
  • 100% recyclable.
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Our Packaging

  • 45% FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council
  • Reclay whole system (production sites Austria)
  • Recyclable
  • We work with sustainability-committed suppliers only. For example, with Mondi RIEDEL has won a Sustainability Award for the jointly developed packaging solution from RIEDEL Performance.
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Our Factories

  • Implemented environment certificates ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 50001: 2011.
  • Main raw materials are locally sourced e.g. quartz sand from Hirschau (short transport routes)
  • Energy-saving projects include: compressed air, burner technology, energy efficient drives, LED lighting, waste heat recovery, water saving measures
  • Substitution of hazardous substances with more environmentally friendly options.

Our packaging and products are recyclable, please dispose them in the designated waste bins.