Line introduced in 2008

Sommeliers Black Tie

Timelessly elegant

Sommeliers Black Tie commemorated, in 2008, the 50 year anniversary of RIEDEL's iconic Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru Glass, designed by 9th generation Claus Riedel.

RIEDEL's Grand Sommeliers Wine Glass Collection was born in 1958 when the Burgundy Grand Cru glass (or "Pokal Hoch") was first shown at the World Exhibition in Brussels. It instantly received a "Grand Prix" Award for its creative and striking design and, shortly after, New York's Museum of Modern Art selected it for their permanent collection as a significant design.

As a young designer at the start of his career, Claus Riedel created this magnum opus following the request of Conte Odazio, an Italian nobleman and business partner, who told him: "I am tired to drink my fine Piedmont red wines from small glasses!" Based on the functionality of this truly unique work of art, Claus began a lifetime exploration to discover how the shape and size influence the drinker's perception of the wine's aroma and flavor.

Based on the timeless original shapes, the anniversary collection Sommeliers Black Tie includes a set of classic and elegant glasses. The red wine glasses feature a tall black stem with a clear base and the white wine glasses feature a black base with a tall clear stem.

Sommeliers Black Tie is handmade.

Sommeliers Black Tie

Red Wine Glasses

Sommeliers Black Tie

White Wine Glasses