The lightness of pleasure

Looks and feels handmade! This new glass collection is, in fact, produced by machine, using new, cutting-edge technologies and is a true precision tool.

Wine-lovers the world over understand that Riedel wine glasses are developed in different shapes and sizes, for specific grape varieties. Only such advanced machine production can guarantee such precise glass design language, in harmony with the respective profile of grape variety.

All new, yet RIEDEL fans might see a resemblance to the Extreme glass collection, the first machine-produced, diamond-shaped glasses (2000), created by Georg J. Riedel specifically for wines from the New World. The collection derived its name from the extreme angles of the diamond shape, giving the wine more space in the glass to bring out the wines full aromas.

Recognising the evolution of modern wines, the Riedel family has adapted the glass shapes for Cabernet Sauvignon and for Riesling, following an intensive new round of comparative tastings.

RIEDEL Veloce is a new, impressive development based on state-of-the-art technology. The glass is taller than the Extreme and has a thinner stem and finer bowls. A specially developed machine, at RIEDEL's Weiden factory, enables us to draw stems that are the equal of those made by hand by a master glassmaker. The base, with a diameter of 100 mm, is a new standard for large glass shapes and is the maximum that can be produced by machine. The weight of RIEDEL Veloce is remarkable and has been reduced considerably from that of the Extreme collection. The perfect balance and feel which suggests a handmade glass.

"It requires a very high level of expertise to be able to produce these glasses by machine, and I say that not without a little pride. It is extremely difficult to produce a glass of such quality by machine. We owe this to the skills of our technicians and our years of experience in machine production," explains Maximilian J. Riedel.

Maximilian Riedel selected the Italian name "Veloce", meaning "fast", in reference to the modern machine technology that makes it possible to bring a glass that is handmade, in so many aspects, onto the machine and produce it quickly and in large quantities. An homage to technology, as glassmaking by hand has become a declining craft.

The instantly recognizable and iconic packaging in black and red features the RIEDEL Veloce logo in glowing red as its centerpiece. The new collection logo is based on a company logotype that dates back to 1890.

The RIEDEL Velocecollection is available in nine sizes:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Syrah/Shiraz, Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé,
Chardonnay, a Champagne glass, and a water glass.

The RIEDEL Winewings collection was the first to feature the grape variety on the base to make it easier to identify and select the right glass. Given the popularity of this concept, RIEDEL Veloce will also feature this same attribute.

RIEDEL Veloce is the perfect glass for wine connoisseurs. A modern glass with impressive
balance and feel, appealing price and fully dishwasher safe. 

And, like all Riedel glasses, RIEDEL Veloce presents the wine at its best!

Available in boxes of two at a recommended retail price of EUR 49.90

For more information on the complete selection of all Riedel glassware and decanters, visit www.riedel.com.