Line introduced in 2019

RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware

the right glass for every cocktail

Innovative leaders of functionally designed glassware, RIEDEL proudly presents its Drink Specific Glassware series developed in collaboration with US spirits specialist, Zane Harris.

Famous for his mixing skills in cocktail meccas such as Dutch Kills, Maison Premiere and Rob Roy, Zane Harris worked with RIEDEL to create a new series combining the past and present. Drink Specific Glassware meets the needs of cocktail enthusiasts at home and cocktail-specific glasses in restaurants and bars.

The series comprises glasses that can be used for thousands of cocktails, based on the traditional serving vessels of 7 classics: The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sour, Peasant, Buck and Julep. Harris developed each glass in collaboration with RIEDEL, attaching importance to size, shape, volume and ice capacity. Never before has a glass manufacturer taken such a holistic approach.

"RIEDEL has always been a pioneer in identifying the needs of consumers and industry professionals alike. We believe that by enhancing the flavor, we increase the overall enjoyment," says RIEDEL managing director Maximilian J. Riedel. "Each RIEDEL glass is the result of our keen sense of consumers’ taste and our quest to continually meet those needs. Our Drink Specific Glassware is no different."

As a special gift, each box also contains a recipe for a drink suited to that specific glass so nothing stands in the way of a relaxing evening of cocktails at home.

Additionally, RIEDEL has created a Mixing Glass, a working utensil for the preparation of cocktails and an ideal complement to the collection.

Drink Specific Glassware is machine-made in crystal glass. All RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware is dishwasher safe.


Expertly sized for ice

"Ice has the greatest influence on the design of a glass because you’ll find it in basically every drink, not just in cocktails, " Zane Harris points out. "One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction in restaurants and bars is when ice cubes displace the liquid, giving a false impression that too little has been poured. This is where Drink Specific Glassware comes in. They were specially developed for large luxury ice cubes as well as for standard-sized ice cubes. The glass effortlessly allows both types to fall either centered or side by side.

"Ultimately, it is vital to understand the subtleties of the classic and trendy creations served in luxury establishments. And you need to take into account the barkeepers’ efficiency, the guests’ perception and the costs," he adds. "We even think about how we can reduce the CO2 footprint in glass development. Drink Specific Glassware is the only series that unites all of these important aspects."

All glasses at a glance

Neat Glass
Sized to be cradled in the hand of the imbiber, with ultimate comfort, the Neat Glass is proportionally smaller than the Rocks glass, and so appears full when the ideal amount of spirit or cocktail is added.

Rocks Glass
Rocks Glasses are specially made for the standard ice cube, as well as for the large format ice; a growing favorite amongst restaurants and bars.

Double Rocks Glass
The Highball and Rocks glasses are designed to hold standard ice cubes just as well as the larger ones that are becoming increasingly popular in bars and restaurants. And in 2022 the collection welcomed a Double Rocks glass, which has been created especially for cocktails and spirits served with larger ice cubes.

Nick & Nora Glass
The Nick & Nora ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the drink without forcing the tilt of the head. It is designed for drinks that are shaken or stirred with ice, but served without.

Sour Glass
Equipped with an outward flared lip, which is essential for the traditional sour, the Sour Glass delivers a silky smoothness to the entire palate, directing the otherwise strong flavour profile to the tip of the tongue, where it will be most enjoyed.

Highball Glass
The Highball is specially made for the standard ice cube, as well as for the large format ice; a growing favorite amongst restaurants and bars.

Fizz Glass
The Fizz Glass, with its straight, parallel sides, captures the perfect frothy and pillowy “push-pop” head of foam with its parallel sides in cocktails such as the gin sour.

All Purpose Glass
The All Purpose Glass is suitable for all other beverages: both still and sparkling wines, and beer. This glass is a perfect addition to the Drink Specific Glassware collection with the unique tumbler decoration featured on its base.

Mixing Glass
The Mixing Glass is the perfect tool to stir and mix cocktails. It is ideal for making more than one cocktail that should be stirred down with ice, including the martini, manhattan, negroni, or old fashioned.