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For any hotel, bar, café, or restaurant, a key measure of your establishment's quality is the drinks you serve and how you present them. That said, finding the right glasses can be tricky; you have to consider precisely what glasses you need, their cost, and their suitability for your working environment, and you want to get all this right without compromising on quality.

We recognize that every establishment has different needs; some have space to accommodate a high volume of glasses, while others operate in tight areas requiring efficient storage. Some hotels may have an extensive budget that they can use to purchase premium RIEDEL glassware items, while some independently run bars and restaurants may be running on a tighter budget and need glasses that deliver quality without making them break the bank.

At RIEDEL, we provide a variety of glassware that's suitable for whatever your establishment's needs may be. Join us as we break down the importance of carefully selecting what glassware you purchase, plus our various on-premise glassware offerings that will help you raise your establishment's tables to the next level.


Choosing the proper glassware for your establishment

When selecting glassware, it is essential to tailor the RIEDEL glasses you choose to your setup and culinary offerings. For example, if you run a specialist wine bar or a fine-dining restaurant, we'd recommend you consider our RIEDEL Grape Varietal Specific glassware. While this means investing in a wide variety of glasses that will require more storage space and expertise from your staff, you receive glassware that brings out the very best in your wines. In contrast, a universal approach may work better for you if you own a casual dining restaurant and want to prioritize space, efficiency, and simplicity. In this instance, our RIEDEL Wine Friendly glasses are ideal for anyone looking for glassware that can impress with a range of wines rather than one varietal, all while retaining the famous mark of quality that comes with RIEDEL glassware.

As mentioned, you also want glassware matching the food you serve. If you run a seafood restaurant, you will likely require more white wine glasses to pair alongside the dishes on your menu. If, however, you run a steakhouse, you're more likely to receive a lot of full-bodied red wine orders, so our extensive list of red wine glasses will be more relevant to you. In each of these instances, identifying the beverages that pair best with the food you serve, along with the appropriate RIEDEL glass, will allow you to be as efficient as possible when ordering from our on-premise selection.

Our collections

Ultimately, you're free to choose whichever RIEDEL on-premise glassware you desire for your establishment. However, specific collections may be better suited to your business depending on your working environment and the type of service you offer. With that in mind, this section aims to help you to pick out the RIEDEL on-premise glassware that best complements your establishment's attributes.

Premium machine-made glasses

Ideal for: Wine bars, fine-dining, hotels.

There was a time when machine-made items, while quicker and more cost-effective to make than handmade items, couldn't come close in terms of overall quality. However, thanks to the rapid advancement of modern glassmaking technology, that gap has narrowed considerably over recent years to the extent that one of our signature handmade collections, RIEDEL Superleggero, has this year been reimagined and rereleased as a premium machine-made collection.

Featuring classic collections such as RIEDEL Veloce, our premium machine-made glassware offerings are perfect for establishments looking for the highest quality of varietal-specific glassware without paying handmade glassware prices. Of all our premium machine-made wine glass collections, the current most popular series with RIEDEL hospitality customers are:

  • RIEDEL Restaurant. The clue is in the name; RIEDEL Restaurant is our all-encompassing restaurant collection that delivers all the glassware a restaurant could want, including extensive varietal-specific wine glasses plus a wealth of spirits glasses.
  • RIEDEL Veritas. A favorite ever since its introduction in 2014, the RIEDEL Veritas Collection features a timeless lightweight design for optimum wine enjoyment. Elegantly shaped, RIEDEL Veritas became our first collection to allow you to cater to the differences in old and new world wines, providing yet another example of RIEDEL's continued efforts to set the standard for crystal glassware design.
  • RIEDEL Winewings. This collection took flight in 2020 as the brainchild of 10th-generation Georg Riedel. Displaying an eye-catching, unconventional design that goes against the norm for wine glasses, RIEDEL Winewings is particularly popular with restaurants, hotels, and bars looking for a striking design that stands out or matches an expressive interior design. The flat-bottomed, wing-like structure of these glasses maximizes the surface area of the wine when poured, allowing for as much interaction as possible between the wine and air to help wines' aromas develop and excel.

Whichever premium machine-made RIEDEL wine glass collection you opt for, you'll get a series designed to deliver the best of a particular grape or wine style's qualities, both on the nose and the palate. If your establishment serves a wine not explicitly referenced by any of our Grape Varietal Specific Glasses, you can find the best glass for it using our online wine glass guide.


RIEDEL Decanters

Ideal for: Wine bars, fine-dining, hotels, casual dining.

If you thought we had a plethora of premium machine-made wine glasses for your consideration, wait until you see our list of on-premise RIEDEL decanters. With everything from handmade items for special occasions to machine-made options perfect for everyday use, there is a decanter for everyone.

Our RIEDEL handmade decanter options are sights to behold. Hand-crafted in Austria by master glassmakers, these decanters signify an establishment committed to making a statement by delivering guests an unforgettable, extravagant wine experience. And with a multitude of designs and decanter colors available, you can browse for the RIEDEL handmade decanter that best fits your establishment's aesthetic. Our handmade decanters may occasionally be available at restaurant quality, of which you can ask your local RIEDEL sales representative for more information.

We're big believers that any wine benefits from decanting (check out our guide to decanting wine for more on this), so it's crucial we also provide decanters suited to day-to-day use in your establishment. Our RIEDEL on-premise machine-made decanters are an eye-catching reminder that decanting is for anyone looking to enhance their wine enjoyment and isn't restricted to fine-dining establishments. Check them out when you visit our website's 'for business' section to take your bar or restaurant's red, white, or sparkling wines up a notch.

Machine-made wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and tumblers

Ideal for: Casual dining, hotels, cafes, bars.

With such a wealth of offerings, our machine-made on-premise pieces are designed to enhance the presentation of whichever type of beverage your establishment may serve.
  • Casual dining restaurants, hotels, and even high-end restaurants that want a collection that allows for a uniform design across multiple types of glass may consider our RIEDEL Extreme Series. While not as wide-ranging as our premium machine-made series, Extreme delivers a selection of grape varietal-specific glassware options that allow you to cater to knowledgeable wine enthusiasts visiting your establishment, while also providing stylish cocktail glasses in the form of the RIEDEL Extreme Junmai Glass.
  • Casual dining restaurants looking for wine glasses that maximize efficiency will benefit from our universal wine glass collections. RIEDEL Wine Friendly, RIEDEL Overture, and RIEDEL Degustazione all deliver red, white, and sparkling wine glasses that impress with a range of wines rather than one varietal, making life a lot easier for you while also being more affordably priced than our Grape Varietal Specific alternatives.
  • Specialist cocktail bars need look no further than our RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Collection. With several cocktail-specific glasses, this series will give your bar that stamp of approval that tells customers they're in a quality cocktail-making establishment. Alternatively, consider our RIEDEL Tumbler Collection, which features stemless glassware for your spirits and cocktails in various designs with which you can have a little fun!
  • Finally, if you run a general bar requiring a mix of glasses to accommodate your variety of beverages, RIEDEL Bar matches your needs perfectly. This collection has a range of glasses for just about any drink, including beer, single malt whisky, tequila, rum, cognac, and port. There's even a water glass included, allowing you to maintain a consistent style across all your bar shelves.

So you see, regardless of the nature of your establishment, the food and drink you serve, and the price points you're looking for, there's a RIEDEL on-premise glass for you. To access these irresistible glassware collections, head to our website's professional webshops section to compare and order the RIEDEL glassware best suited to your establishment's needs.