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Discover the versatility of 2024 GRAPE@RIEDEL! A trio of sizes perfect for an array of wines, fun drinks, and cocktails. Meticulously crafted for varietal precision, these glasses excel in both mixology and wine enjoyment. Embrace professionalism with optimal fill levels and enjoy the multi-tasking design of GRAPE@RIEDEL – where style, functionality, and affordability meet.


More Than Just a Cocktail Line

While GRAPE@RIEDEL excels in the realm of mixology, it's not confined to it. This line is a testament to our versatility, offering a multifaceted approach to beverage enjoyment. It's not just a cocktail line; it's a celebration of varied tastes and occasions.


Why Three Sizes?

The art of presentation is key in the world of drinks. That's why we offer three distinct sizes in our GRAPE@RIEDEL line. Each glass is meticulously crafted to ensure the perfect fill level, enhancing the aesthetic and taste of your drink. Whether it's a robust red wine or a delicate cocktail, our glasses ensure that each beverage is presented professionally and elegantly.

A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

Our latest collection, GRAPE@RIEDEL 2024, embodies the spirit of convenience, informality, and multitasking, designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern connoisseurs and mixology enthusiasts alike.

Rooted in the rich Riedel family tradition, GRAPE@RIEDEL glasses are serious performers without compromise. Each glass is a result of meticulous testing and innovation, designed to elevate the taste of widely loved varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Nebbiolo. The size and shape of each glass are specifically tailored to enhance the flavor profile of these varietals, making every sip a journey in taste.