Item no.: 5441/97 4-Pack


The Gin glass is perfect for expressing the full aromatic profile of your favorite gin's botanicals.

Its angular tulip shape captures aromas while the larger-sized bowl helps to deemphasize alcohol.

These modern glasses are a stylish and functional addition to any gin lover's home.The Extreme glasses are named after their extreme contours. The bowls mimic polished diamonds and their wide angles allow plenty of room for the wine to breathe. They are specifically designed to enhance and emphasize the pleasant softness and generally fruity notes of the New World wines.

This product is machine-made.
This item is dishwasher safe.
This pack contains 4 pieces.

Year of design 2019

Capacity 670.0 ccm

Height 227.0 mm

Box quantity 4

Type of Manufacturing machine-made

Material Crystal



Hard Facts

The machine-made Extreme collection was introduced in 2018 to reflect the evolution of New World wines. This fruit-forward, robust style benefits from the additional aeration that comes with this distinctive diamond-shaped bowl.

670.0 ccm
227.0 mm

RIEDEL Extreme

New World wines will sparkle like diamonds with Extreme

In 2000, Georg Riedel debuted the world's first machine-made collection of diamond-shaped wine glasses, named Vinum Extreme. In 2018, we modernized this collection and reintroduced it as Extreme to reflect the evolving style of New World wines.

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