Item no.: 6408/90 Two Pack

RIEDEL Ouverture Magnum

The Magnum glass is the perfect oversized glass to make your big and bold wines truly sing. With a versatile shape, it is suitable for a large variety of wines. The glass helps to release the aromas of wines and emphasise fruit, while balancing tannins in red wines.This product is made of clear crystal glass.
Ouverture is RIEDEL’s entry level series for customers who appreciate a good wine in a great glass. Ouverture is a non-varietal specific collection of functional crystal glasses that will increase the owner‘s drinking pleasure of wine, beer and spirits.
This product is machine-made.
This item is dishwasher safe.

This pack contains 2 pieces.

Year of design 1997

Capacity 530.0 ccm

Height 201.0 mm

Box quantity 2

Type of Manufacturing machine-made

Material Crystal


RIEDEL Ouverture Magnum

Hard Facts

Want the perfect collection of everyday glassware? The Ouverture collection is durable, and practical. Machine-made with short, sturdy stems, it features a range of wine-friendly shapes for day-to-day use.

530.0 ccm
201.0 mm
Image of RIEDEL Ouverture Magnum lined up on tabletop

RIEDEL Ouverture

The original wine friendly collection

After introducing a series of Grape Varietal Specific collections that revolutionized the wine world, Georg Riedel debuted the Ouverture collection in 1989. Ouverture is ideal for those who prefer a more simplistic approach to wine enjoyment. These "wine friendly" glasses show optimum characteristics in wine without catering to specific wine varieties.

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RIEDEL Ouverture