Item no.: 5000/04 Single Pack

RIEDEL BYO Carrying Bag

The perfect travel companion, the RIEDEL BYO Bag allows you to take your favourite glasses with you wherever you go.

Comfortably padded for protection, the bag comes with 4 adjustable inserts that can be moved according to the size of your glass. With 2 handles as well as a strap for wearing the bag over your shoulder, the RIEDEL BYO Bag holds up to 5 stemmed glasses so you never need to compromise when enjoying wine!RIEDEL's accessories collection is the perfect complement to our glassware ranges, from storage and wine service to products designed to care for and lengthen the life of your favorite RIEDEL products.
This pack contains a single piece.

Year of design 2021

Box quantity 1

Material Other


Satisfied with your glassware collection? Complement your favorite RIEDEL products with our Accessories. This collection of products covers cleaning, storage, and service, and will help to enhance and extend the life of your products.


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