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RIEDEL SL Wings To Fly Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo

The Pinot Noir glass is perfect for light-bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate tannin.
This glass highlights the rich fruit-forward characters, tempers the high acidity of the wine, and captures all the nuances of the wine's aroma.
This glass was redesigned by Georg Riedel in 2020 to ensure its smaller size maintains the delicate and important characteristics of each wine.This product is made of clear crystal glass.
Experience the unique curvature of SL RIEDEL Stemless Wings, following the release of our incredibly popular collection RIEDEL Winewings in 2020.
This stemless creation is the perfect complement to the original stemmed series. To ensure the tumblers sit comfortably within the drinker's hand, each Grape Varietal shape required a set of new prototypes to determine how much the glass could be reduced while maintaining the delicate and important characteristics of each wine.
This product is machine-made.
This item is dishwasher safe.

This pack contains a single piece.

Year of design 2021

Capacity 630.0 ccm

Height 121.0 mm

Box quantity 1

Type of Manufacturing machine-made

Material Crystal


RIEDEL SL Wings To Fly Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo

Hard Facts

Georg Riedel is rightly excited by the new look of this thin-blown collection and invites you to experience how well it sits in your hand, with a unique curvature that helps you nestle the product perfectly between thumb and fingers. So pour a glass of wine and enjoy the SL RIEDEL Stemless Wings collection!

630.0 ccm
121.0 mm

RIEDEL SL Stemless Wings

Perfectly cradled thanks to its unique curves

As the leaders of functional glassware, we understand that a stemless wine tumbler must fit easily in the drinker's hand to be enjoyable to use and hold. Based on the shapes from RIEDEL Winewings - SL RIEDEL Stemless Wings was re-engineered to reduce the glass size while maintaining the shape's functional role as a Grape Varietal Specific glass.

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RIEDEL SL Stemless Wings