Tradition meets love and science

Step into the world of RIEDEL glass!

For over 265 years RIEDEL is known for its unique glassmaking art. In addition to the love of wine, the family shares an incredible desire for perfection and further development. Consistently, the Riedel family presents the latest innovations in the field of drinking glasses. While they reinvent the industry standard over and over again, they remain true to tradition and create unique one-of-a-kind pieces with their master glassmakers.


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Headquarter Kufstein

start into a new future

The tradition of the Riedels as glass makers is rich in touching legends and unbelievable success stories. But also economic crises and personal tragedies. The Riedel company managed to withstand the end of the monarchy, the social upheavals of the newly established Czechoslovakia Republic, and the effects of the global economic crisis through skill and creativity.

After the Second World War the Riedel family was dispossessed, lost all their property in Bohemia, all their factories and the entirety of their private assets. Walter Riedel, eighth generation of the company, was imprisoned in Russia for ten years. The future prospects seemed to have evaporated. But the story played out differently thanks to the enormous courage and effort of Walter Riedel. It is his legacy that the bohemian Riedel tradition began anew, in Austria - Kufstein Tyrol. 


Riedel Family Museum


Welcome to the glass cabinet showing the generations of the Riedel family.

These rooms will introduce you to the unique and eventful history of 11 generations of glassmakers. The story of the Riedels is not a romanticised fairy tale, but a drama full of emotions, unexpected setbacks, and successes. During times of stormy waters, the Riedel family always knew how to refocus, always with an eye to the future. 

Step into the world of glassblowing and visit our artists while creating a new masterpiece.


Glass Cabinet

Retrospective & ideas laboratory

A journey through the ages of glassmaking

The Riedel Museum and the "Glass Cabinet - Retrospective and ideas laboratory" at the Kufstein site present a comprehensive presentation of the work of the Riedel family of glassmakers in Kufstein 1957 and presents the highlights of the family history and glass art in Bohemia. and glass art in Bohemia.

The exhibited exhibits come in part from the family collection. The glassmaking museum includes an interactive and family-friendly presentation of the craft up to the physics and chemistry of the glass production.


Finding a masterpiece

Glasblower Museum

Glassmaking, glass history, glassworks & co. 

From the Glassmaking Museum you get an exclusive insight into the the manufactory. After an informative and interactive introduction to the glassmaking and the history of the history of the craft, as well as the production of Riedel, you will experience first hand, how glass is handmade from wood and metal tools. are handmade.


Explore how a new decanter is born


There is nothing more exciting than reality!

From such a short distance off the highway, a traveler and wine connoisseur can truly experience the unique world of wine glass productsion at the RIEDEL factory. The glass factory allows an inside look at the glass making process and how glassware is diligently mouth blown and hand-made.

In the heart of the Tiroler Glashütte, which is part of the tour, visitors can see from a gallery how the talented glassmakers make a drinking glass or a decanter. Precision and sensitivity are important, because each piece is unique.


Feel - Taste


See - Hear - Smell

A positiv approach to life is linked to pleasure and enjoyment. Enjoyment is covered by our senses, and this is the theme of SINNFONIE.

In the multimedia emotional show "Sinnfonie" you will be taken on a journey to the five to the five sensory perceptions and dive into our world of glass into our world of glass and the senses.


See, hear, smell, feel, taste in the harmonious interaction of glass and wine.


Flagship Store & Outlet


To give someone the most special gift that Tyrol has to offer, there is only one source: The RIEDEL Factory in Kufstein!

Visitors have to opertunity to buy the world's famouse grape varietal specific stemware and prestigious decanters directly from RIEDEL at the onsite 300 qm shop.

Every customer will get their own individual consultation where our experts will highlight the RIEDEL glass philospohy and answer the most important question of, "Which is the right glass for my wine?"