Timeless for daily use

NACHTMANN Vivendi - these are elegant, contemporary glasses, designed for daily use. The design is entirely committed to the clear Bauhaus style of Walter Gropius.


The extensive series with numerous drinking glasses has the right glass for every drink.


meets all requirements in terms of functionality, design, quality and value for money.
A thing is determined by its nature. To make it work properly - a vessel, a chair, a house - its essence must first be explored; for it has to serve its purpose perfectly, that is, to perform its function practically, to be durable, cheap and 'beautiful'.

Walter Gropius (1883 - 1969)

Founder of the Bauhaus School and architect of the Kristallglasfabrik Amberg

Value Packs

Quatre verres à vin rouge NACHTMANN Vivendi alignés les uns derrière les autres, le premier étant rempli. À côté, une rangée de verres à vin blanc et une rangée de flûtes à champagne. La première est toujours remplie.<br/>

What makes the crystal glasses Vivendi so special?

Le verre NACHTMANN Vivendi Bordeaux rempli de vin rouge et la flûte à champagne vide sur une table recouverte d'une nappe.<br/>


Crystal glass has a high light refraction which results in sparkling surfaces and high luster.


Only the cleanest ingredients are used. There is no impureness in the glass.
The pure-white color of the glass showcases the natural color of wine.


Vivendi glasses highlight the aromas of wine.

Matching the drinking glasses

Pitchers, decanters and bowls


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