Luxury for the home

These versatile NACHTMANN Noblesse glasses are universally useful, the perfect vessels to showcase alcoholic and soft drinks alike. Crafted from finest crystal glass with brilliance and flair, they are must-haves for anyone seeking to add that special sparkle to their home. Noblesse glassware also adds glittering accents to desserts and cocktails.

La collection Noblesse de NACHTMANN est alignée sur un comptoir de bar noir, à l'arrière-plan se trouvent des bouteilles et des équipements de bar. Le gobelet Noblesse, le verre à long drink, le verre à cocktail et la coupette sont remplis de différents cocktails. Le gobelet à vin est rempli de vin rouge, la tasse à boisson chaude est remplie de thé. Les autres verres sont vides.<br/>


Must-haves for any bar

Insiders prize the whisky and long drink tumblers as trend highlights.


All-time classics

The cocktail/wine and champagne goblets in the NACHTMANN Noblesse series are all-time classics. The elegant facets of the cut pattern are always an apt choice, whether the occasion calls for a light aperitif or the effervescence of a fine champagne.
After all, who can forget Coco Chanel’s witty words:
I only drink champagne on two occasions––when I am in love, and when I am not.

Coco Chanel

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur


Classic & Luxurious

Brilliantly sparkling Noblesse glasses create a unique atmosphere in bars and home bars, on festively decked tables at special events, or on luxuriously appointed patios.
Le pichet NACHTMANN Noblesse rempli d'une boisson rouge et de glaçons et deux verres à cocktail NACHTMANN Noblesse, dont l'un est rempli de la même boisson rouge. À l'arrière-plan, le verre à cocktail vide et les glaçons.<br/>

It's all in the cut

The NACHTMANN Noblesse series presents satisfyingly heavy glasses in elegant cut-glass design. This opulent glassware range is testimony to 180 years of expertise in manufacturing quality crystal products. It brings a touch of luxury to any celebratory table and any home bar.

The Noblesse series was launched in 2012. Alongside Bossa Nova, it is one of NACHTMANN’s most comprehensive glassware series, and also includes numerous sets.

Noblesse Whisky Tumbler

Color up your life

Fresh Colors & Vintage Colors

For unique color accents that add a memorable finishing touch, why not choose Fresh Colors in hues of Aqua, Rosé, Mint, and Taupe, or Vintage Colors in shades of Vintage Blue, Berry, Smoke, and Tobacco?


Noblesse Gold

For an extra helping of glitz and glamor, we present Noblesse Gold. These whisky and long drink tumblers have a fine gold rim that effectively underlines their superlative style.

Sets and Bundles

Verres NACHTMANN Noblesse, dont l'un est rempli de Whisky. Deux sont remplis de boissons sur glace et un est vide.<br/>

Hot Beverages

Contemplative pleasure

The tea glasses, designed for all hot beverages, are an additional highlight and the ideal complement. The perfect companions in moments of contemplative pleasure, warmed by a cup of tea, punch, or hot milk in the popular Noblesse design.

NACHTMANN Noblesse Spa

The NACHTMANN Spa glassware series masterfully captures the mood of our changing times, devoting its sparkle to mindful self-care. These room fragrance diffusers and lotion dispensers in two styles – Noblesse and Square – and storage box with stainless steel lid celebrate the culture of wellbeing in daily life.