Add color to tabletop with these sparkling gems

Style Your Home With RIEDEL Laudon

RIEDEL Laudon Silver and Gold on a black and white marble background with jewellery, makeup and a purse scattered around them.

We've compiled a guide of stunning RIEDEL Laudon colourways to match some of 2023's top interior trends.

From glimpses of a Meditteranean summer to mid-century nostalgia, discover your favourite style and colors to create the tablescape you love.

Luxurious cut-crystal in full color

Discover RIEDEL Laudon

The top of a church overlooking the mediterranean sea.


This past year of freedom, travel and adventure has re-inspired our creativity and encouraged us to layer our homes with holiday memories.

The Mediterranean style channels an endless summer in the Almafi Coast, Santorini or Ibiza, focusing on building a warm rustic character by emphasising indoor-outdoor living.

This style borrows colour from the surrounding sea and sky and embraces natural materials and lighting to bring you an effortless approach to decorating.

A large gold crystal chandelier hanging from a large hallway.

Hollywood Glam

This decadent decor style infuses glamour and glitz into every day, making it perfect for anyone who loves to make a statement.

Also known as Hollywood Regency, it incorporates rich fabrics, metallic details, and bold architecture layered on top of one another for true sensory overload.

This style makes an incredible statement with plush fabrics like velvet and antique-inspired furnishings.

A wooden table with a computer and plants is placed on top.


This interior style has stayed fairly present in homes over the past decades - a classic aesthetic inspired by the homes from post-World War II to the mid-’70s.

Defined by clean lines, minimalism, muted tones, and high functionality, the style has a timeless appeal. 

This trending style is having a huge influence on Millennials, causing them to rummage through their grandparent's belongings for genuine pieces in order to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

A lifestyle image of a modern kitchen with elements of wood incorporated in the cupboards.

Organic Modern

Rich yet incredibly contemporary, this interior style reflects the colours, appearance and finishes of the natural world.

Think Autumnal, neutral tones, organic textures and bespoke touches that lend warmth and character to a space.

This style embraces organic shapes, minimalist lines, and the detail and grain of natural materials. This look is about tactility, using surfaces that invite you to feel and touch.

A pink room with a pink chair with a tall plant placed behind the chair.


With the release of the Barbie movie on the horizon, our childhood dreams are now being reimagined in our homes thanks to the Barbiecore trend. 

This loud and proud pink trend started in fashion - notably with Valentino's 2022/23 Fall/Winter collection - and has made its way to interior design bringing an abundance of fun and just a hint of nostalgia.

It's all about pink and neon accents in art and accessories, paired with timeless furniture to create a playful and cheerful space. 


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