Nomen est omen


Spearheading a new class

SPIEGELAU's Authentis series was the herald of a new class of professional glassware. The company was one of the first manufacturers in the world to make the most of cutting-edge high-tech production technology, incorporating findings from the world of wine appreciation and perfecting its designs down to the tiniest detail. The result is Authentis. An instant first choice among sommeliers that rapidly advanced to become a model for other later glassware series.

In the past, the highest quality standards were reserved for hand-blown goblets alone. The debut of the new Authentis series in the year 2000 thus ushered in a whole new era of industrial glass production. The joins of the bowl, stem and foot combination are seamless, revealing no hint of their factory origins.


Every glass radiates design quality

The flawless design is a hallmark of perfection and expresses its essence in its name: the Authentis series turns the spotlight on the individual character of the wine, allowing its full sensory impact to come to the fore.

Authentis has received a Certificate of Excellence from the German sommeliers’ association, Sommelier-Union Deutschland which highlights its perfect functionality and outstanding quality. In addition, the Authentis White Wine Glass was the winner of a major wine glass test conducted by prestigious French magazine "La Revue du Vin de France” to find the best “universal” wine glass.

For SPIEGELAU, this enthusiastic acclaim from the cognoscenti both confirmed the path the company had taken and inspired it to continue and advance further.


Burgundy glass

For low-tannin fine wines

A stylish glass for vintages that need space and air to unfold their qualities. The wide goblet enlarges the wine’s contact area with the oxygen in the air, enabling the nuances of its flavor to develop to perfection.


Bordeaux glass

For higher tannin vintages

An elegant glass that effortlessly unfurls the depth of aroma in prestigious tannin-rich wines from superb grapes and outstanding vintages.


Red Wine Glass

For full-bodied reds from premium years

The shape of this glass enables their body and aroma to evolve at the optimum serving temperature of 14° to 18°C.


White wine glass

A universal star

Its fascinating shape and size make it a uniquely versatile choice, which can be recommended to all wine connoisseurs seeking a single glass to enjoy a variety of whites and reds to the maximum. It is the ideal glass for full-bodied white wines and medium-bodied red wines with optimum serving temperatures of 12° to 16°C.


White Wine Glass Small

Elegant and universal

Perfectly at home with light and medium-bodied white wines, it also welcomes light reds. The optimum serving temperature is 10° to 14°C.


Champagne Flute

Perfectly designed to allow delicate aromas to unfold

The SPIEGELAU Authentis Champagne Flute is a superb showcase for the sparkling freshness of all sparkling wines and vins mousseux. With nucleation point.


Champagne glass

For all elegant, gloriously matured sparkling wines

Its wider bowl the SPIEGELAU Authentis Champagne glass allows the richly aromatic nuances to unfold, while the strongly tapered shape funnels them directly towards the nose for maximum appreciation. For all champagnes, cuvées, and sparkling wines. With nucleation point.


Digestive glass

With wide goblet and flared rim

The SPIEGELAU Authentis Digestive glass is the optimum glass for all forms of schnapps, Armagnac, cognac, Calvados, rum, and malt whisky.

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