No need to be polite about it - the Punk collection has serious attitude. 

Breaking away from classic design rules, Punk stands out from the crowd. The series uses literal translations of key punk visuals, such as studs and spikes, to design a tactile range of barware products.  Playing off punk’s distinctive and attention-seeking nature to break out of the traditional interpretation of glass homewares, the Punk series doesn’t rely on nostalgia to add impact to every table.

The contemporary series came about as part of the Nachtmann NEXTGEN project, which partners with acclaimed design schools to bring glass homewares into the modern day with the help of tomorrow’s designers. Nachtmann NEXTGEN has previously worked with the Pratt Institute in New York, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and Musashino Art University, Tokyo.

Punk is the result of the 2016 project with Central Saint Martins, London.  Student Anke Buchmann used her school’s encouragement of unconventional creativity to form the basis of her unique design. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary, Punk features an array of distinctive yet affordable crystal products.

The Nachtmann Punk series is produced by machine in high-quality crystal glass. The series is dishwasher safe.