What's Your Wine Drinking Style?

Find the Perfect RIEDEL Range for Your Wine-Drinking Style


Whether you select your wine by color or are fussy right down to the soil it was grown in, the vast RIEDEL collection will have a glass for you. So, what's your wine drinking style?

There's something for everyone

For the Uncomplicated Drinker

You enjoy a glass of vino with friends and family or at the end of a long day, but at the bar, you're more of a "red or white" person than an "I'll have the 2006 Pinot Noir". For you, wine is simple. You know what you like and what you don't like, and you don't need it to be any more complicated than this. And who cares if your version of wine exploration means going to the Shiraz section of the bottle shop and picking something with an eye-catching label? It's how you found that great new winery you're going to visit on your next wine region trip with friends!

The RIEDEL range for you: Ouverture or RIEDEL Wine Friendly

It is designed on the principle of simplicity, perfect from family dinner to dinner party. Practical, durable and good-looking.


For the Fun Wine Fan

You're no wine expert but understand the difference between Shiraz and Cabernet, and are interested to learn about wine (often by drinking it). You've been to a wine tasting event or two, which makes you feel semi-confident when you walk into the bottle shop. But let's be honest: you're a spontaneous entertainer who feels more comfortable on a picnic rug rather than at a white-clothed table. Your attitude is a messy kitchen is a sign of a good party, and the dishwasher is your best friend.

The RIEDEL range for you: O Wine Tumbler or Extreme.

Who needs long thin stems - or even stems at all? Your parents may have had RIEDEL, so you know it means something to wine, and you like the idea that your glassware is doing something to elevate your favorites. But what you want more than anything is something easy to use and easy to clean. And that price point? It looks as good as the glass itself.

For the Classic Entertainer

Your home is decorated with functional yet beautiful pieces that are as timeless and relevant today as they were when first designed. You are a staunch believer that classics are labelled as such because they can't be improved upon, and your wine collection reflects this too. You're definitely not unadventurous when it comes to wine, but you also know what you like, and the wineries and regions who do it for you. And you've got some of their best back vintages stored away for special occasions too.

The RIEDEL range for you: RIEDEL Veloce

Vinum is as iconic today as it was when released in 1986 as the world's first grape varietal specific series (and it's highly possible you already have some in your cupboard). Its classic bowl shapes feature in the newer iteration, RIEDEL Veritas, released in 2014. Whether you're topping up to match your current glassware or introducing the newly evolved style, you know these fail-safe ranges will bring the best out of your wine every day of the week.


For the Explorative Wine Aficionado

You’ve made it your duty to be over-informed when it comes to wine. The vineyard that won Best New Winery at last night’s national awards? You’ve already heard of them. Everyone is saying this summer is going to be all about rosé? You'd already stocked your wine fridge with it. Wine is your passion, and you don’t want to get stuck drinking the same bottles every night when there’s so much to explore. Your motto? Life’s too short to drink bad wine – so you pay close attention to who is winning accolades and which wines you need to try.

The RIEDEL range for you: RIEDEL Performance, RIEDEL High Performance or RIEDEL Fatto a Mano Performance.

Co-designed by both Georg and Maximilian Riedel, RIEDEL Performance was the first wine glass series to feature a light optic impact in the bowl, so it's revolutionary and looks incredible. Aesthetics and functionality: who says you can't have both! Reach even greater heights with RIEDEL High Performance or RIEDEL Fatto a Mano Performance, which not only feature the Performance optic bowls but also boast elegant and eye-catching colored stems.

For the Aspiring Sommelier

There are no two ways about it: you're obsessed with wine. You love its diversity, its depth, and how it can surprise you from one bottle to the next. You love chatting with like-minded oenophiles at cellar door or across the bar (and you can often impress them with what you know), and you organize wine nights with your friends where you try and challenge each other with the latest or greatest finds. If wine is an adventure, you're an adrenaline junkie.

The RIEDEL range for you: RIEDEL Winewings.

Get ready to meet your ultimate wine companion. RIEDEL Winewings is a brutally functional glass collection, taking wine's aromas and flavors on a flight. The range features new flat-bottomed shapes, which offer a bigger surface area that increases the evaporation level and enables a greater aromatic spectrum.

For the wine connoisseur

Yes, you have a temperature-controlled cellar. Yes, you've bid for a back-vintage of your favorite wine at a wine auction, more than once. Yes, you have a decanter (or three) in your glass cabinet. You understand the intricacy and process behind winemaking, and you know how you treat, store and serve each bottle will impact its potential. You've curated your thoughtful collection over the years because you love the finer things in life, and want every part of your wine drinking experience to be at the absolute height of pleasure.

The RIEDEL range for you: Sommeliers or RIEDEL Superleggero.

If you need the ultimate glass to show respect to your wines, you've found them. Distinguished and grand, both series are handmade, based on the original bowl shapes from the Sommelier collections – the world's first wine-friendly glassware and now a significant part of wine history. Meaning "super light" in Italian, RIEDEL Superleggero debuted in 2018 as a brilliant testament to the glassware leader's talented glassmaking team, with even slimmer aesthetics and a feather-light design.