SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection


Spiegelau has created the perfect series for those who live and work to an extraordinary standard: The Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz.

The products within the series have been designed to cater to the needs and demands of a modern bar, with each glass expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail and beverage, whether classic, inventive, or whimsical.

Thanks to their specially cut decoration, the glasses have a unique refraction and brilliance, and show the composition of all drinks with their simplistic design. From the brilliant optics, to each glass’ durable weight, to the sound of the glasses in cheers, all senses are stimulated.

The series ticks all the boxes: they are perfectly balanced in size and weight; fit into off-the-shelf coolers for pre-cooling; and are extremely resistant to scratches and breakage, as well as dishwasher safe.

Experience the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz, making every occasion a special moment of pleasure.

Perfect Serve Collection


The glasses have the perfect weight, are comfortable to handle and very sturdy. Through the slightly rounded finish, the carbonic acid is held for longer.

Perfect Serve Collection

Multifunctional & Stackable

The Perfect Latte Macchiato & Highball Glass is designed for long drinks, specialty coffees and sodas, whilst the Perfect Espresso & Shot Glass is a must have for short coffees and neat spirits.

Both multifunctional glasses are enineered to stack without jamming or scratching.

Perfect Serve Collection

Stemmed Glasses

The Perfect Serve Collection stemmed glasses are perfectly counterbalanced, so that they look good whether held by the stem or the bottom. Through the decoration on the bottom, a unique brilliance is achieved, which lets the liquid in the glass shine. Classic trimmings such as zests can be perfectly draped onto the fine glass edge of the stem glasses. Both the Perfect Cocktail Glass as well as the Perfect Coupette Glass exhibits the optimal filling volume for classics and twists; this way, no leftovers remain in the shaker anymore.

Perfect Serve Collection

Mixing Glasses

With the Perfect Serve Collection, Mixing Glasses which match the bar glass series are being offered for the first time. Their size allows comfortable working with lots of ice, and their shape enables easy pouring. Very sturdily designed for durability in daily catering use, these mixing glasses impress with their high brilliance.

Perfect Serve Collection

Whisky Decanter

A real eye-catcher: This decanter makes every bottle serve a highlight!