Line introduced in 2022

RIEDEL Wine Friendly

For the first time, RIEDEL presents glasses for beginners or casual wine drinkers who do not want to forego the high quality that people have come to expect from the RIEDEL brand. Instead of being grape varietal specific, the glasses of the RIEDEL Wine Friendly collection are designed as a kind of universal glass for red wine, white wine and champagne for casual drinking.

With this collection, RIEDEL is responding to a worldwide increase in demand for “easy to use” entry-level glasses. The collection was originally developed as a mise-en-place for the restaurant industry, where universal glasses are preferred due to limited storage space.

The collection includes four glasses and a decanter:

  • Magnum – an all-round glass that can be used for both red and white wines
  • A glass for red wine
  • A glass for white wine that can also be used for champagne
  • And an all-purpose tumbler.
  • A decanter completes the collection.


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