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Find the ideal RIEDEL On-Premise Collection for your restaurant.

Premium crystal restaurant glassware doesn't have to mean out-of-this-world prices. At RIEDEL, we have a wealth of stunning and affordable glassware collections available to On-Premise customers that will be perfect for your restaurant. Read on as we cover some RIEDEL collections you may wish to consider while offering guidance on which collections best cater to your establishment's needs.

What glassware should you consider for your restaurant?

The best advice we can give when selecting RIEDEL On-Premise glassware for your restaurant is to consider how it integrates with the service you provide. All RIEDEL glassware responds to the assortment and needs of gastronomies, so if your restaurant specializes in seafood cuisine, our white wine On-Premise glassware will be more appropriate for your needs. Likewise, a burger restaurant may consider red wine glasses that can pair alongside rich, juicy beef patties, while restaurants that double up as a cocktail bar may be interested in our extensive range of cocktail glasses.

We price RIEDEL On-Premise glassware to be inclusive to all restaurants looking to upgrade their glassware. There are, however, different price points for various collections to ensure every establishment can invest in the right glasses for their needs. Let's explore the different On-Premise Collections you may wish to consider for your restaurant.

Our inclusive On-Premise Collections

Wine Friendly Collections

For many restaurants, the ideal wine glass is one that is high-quality, uncomplicated, and versatile. If this describes your needs, our wine-friendly collections might be what you're after. These glasses deliver universal wine glasses suitable for a variety of red, white, and sparkling wine glasses, allowing you to introduce that signature RIEDEL quality to your restaurant while keeping things beautifully simple.

Two collections stand out if you're looking to take advantage of wine-friendly glassware for your restaurant: the RIEDEL Wine Friendly Collection and the RIEDEL Degustazione Collection. RIEDEL Wine Friendly was introduced in 2022 to accommodate a global increase in demand for easy-to-use wine glasses, while the Degustazione series has been available since 2010 and is specially designed for lovers of young wines, offering optimum enjoyment at a reasonable price. These collections are our most affordably-priced On-Premise wine glass offerings, making them perfect for customers making their first delve into RIEDEL On-Premise glassware.

Grape Varietal Specific Collections

We designed our RIEDEL Grape Varietal Specific Collections to bring out the best of specific wines, developing their aromas and flavors and delivering them flawlessly to the drinker's palate. These collections take things up a notch from our wine-friendly collections, making them perfect for restaurants looking to give a more tailored wine-drinking experience to their customers.

Our Grape Varietal Specific Collections for On Premise customers can be split into two categories: RIEDEL affordable Grape Varietal Specific Collections and RIEDEL premium Grape Varietal Specific Collections.

Entry-Level Grape Varietal Specific Collections

Our entry-level Grape Varietal Specific Collections help to bridge the gap between fine dining and restaurants offering easy glassware solutions, creating greater inclusivity for restaurants looking to upgrade their wine service.

Our stand-out entry-level Grape Varietal Specific offerings are RIEDEL O

  • RIEDEL Restaurant is our all-encompassing restaurant collection that delivers all the glassware a restaurant could want. This collection features specially designed products for fine wines and spirits, serving as a prime example of the RIEDEL philosophy that the shape and size of your glass will alter your perception of the drink within. 
  • Like RIEDEL Restaurant, Extreme Restaurant delivers varietal wine glassware and drink-specific cocktail and spirit glasses tailored to accentuate a specific drink's qualities. Extreme Restaurant showcases an eye-catching diamond shape design that spreads wide and tapers off at the top. This allows the wine plenty of room to breathe, enhancing and emphasizing the pleasant softness and generally fruity notes of the New World wines.
  • RIEDEL O glassware is ideal for everyday use and any occasion, ditching the traditional stemmed wine glass designs, in favor of a slick, stemless design. This series takes inspiration from the bowl design used for the famous RIEDEL Vinum Collection to make a collection of practical and comfortable varietal-specific wine glasses.  

Premium Grape Varietal Specific Collections

Featuring collections including RIEDEL Vinum, RIEDEL Veloce, RIEDEL Veritas, RIEDEL Performance, and RIEDEL Winewings, our Grape Varietal Specific Collections deliver an entire repertoire of wine glasses for restaurants looking to give customers a memorable wine-drinking experience alongside their meal. These collections offer a specialized wine glass for any wine your restaurant serves. If you need help determining which glass is best for a particular wine you're serving, check out our helpful wine glass guide.

Recommended for: Restaurants offering specific wine pairing recommendations for each meal or who are looking to provide an unmatched wine experience for guests.

Decanter glassware for your restaurant

Perhaps even more than wine glasses, decanters can be associated with eye-watering prices, leading to misconceptions that having decanters at their restaurant isn't a realistic proposition. That couldn't be further from the truth, though! We have a variety of affordable, quality crystal machine-made decanters available as part of our On-Premise collections that your establishment can purchase without breaking the bank.

We also aim to challenge the idea that decanters are only for wine-specialist establishments. At RIEDEL, we believe any wine can benefit from being decanted, so instead of asking yourself, "Do decanters match my restaurant's environment?" ask yourself, "Do I want the wine I serve to taste as good as possible?" If the answer to the second question is yes, consider some of our decanter options available to On Premise customers. 

A few popular machine-made On Premise RIEDEL decanters you may wish to consider include the RIEDEL Apple NY Decanter, the RIEDEL Performance Decanter, and our Merlot Decanter, all of which feature steeply sloped sides that are particularly ideal for aggressively decanting young wines that benefit from considerable aeration - although they also do an excellent job for older wines that require less decanting time.

If you are looking to splash out a little on a decanter for your restaurant, we of course have you covered for that with our premium RIEDEL Restaurant Quality Decanters. Featuring expertly-crafted pieces such as the RIEDEL R.Q. Black Tie Bliss Decanter and the RIEDEL R.Q. Ayam Decanter, our mouth-blown Restaurant Quality decanter options add an extra touch of elegance to take your customer’s wine experience to new heights.

RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware

Not every restaurant is looking to prioritize wine when purchasing their glassware. If you prefer to serve up dazzling cocktails for your customers, the RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware collection can help to set you apart from the competition. This collection features cocktail glassware of all shapes and sizes, with everything from rocks glasses to Nick and Nora and sour glasses, enabling you to perfectly present just about any cocktail. Also included is an eye-catching mixing glass that will enable your restaurant to create thousands of cocktails flawlessly. 

RIEDEL Tumbler Collection

With various bold glass designs, including heavy-based glasses that are as perfect for soft drinks as cocktails, this collection is ideal for restaurants looking for attractive, durable glassware. The designs from the RIEDEL Tumbler Collection are inspired by the glamorous Art Nouveau period, with their stylish decoration presenting a contrast to our usual purist aesthetic, making them a tempting option for any On-Premise customers looking to show off a little with their glassware.

We hope that gives you a good idea about which RIEDEL On-Premise glassware your establishment may wish to consider going forward. To sign up to be able to purchase our range of On-Premise glassware items, please visit the registration page on our website.