the riedel concierge

simplifying at-home enjoyment & entertaining

Welcome to the RIEDEL Concierge, a new bespoke service that offers you one-on-one consultations with our experts to help you start, grow, or perfect your glassware collection.

With us all dining and entertaining at home more than ever, we know the little details matter and - with a collection of over 250 RIEDEL products in Australia - setting your table is not as simple as it used to be. Whether it is an incomplete collection or one that has become mismatched over time due to the odd breakage, the RIEDEL Concierge can assist with expert advice.

We can identify glasses from your current collection to help you top up, recommend products to compliment your set, and suggest glasses according to your wine preferences to create the ideal collection to enhance your enjoyment. We can also help with ideas to amplify the aesthetics of your tablescape.

The service is free and available over Zoom, mobile phone, or we can even come to your house. Simply book a consultation to get on your way!

How can we help you?


Identify a product you already own

Did you buy a set of RIEDEL glasses several years ago, or were gifted something from a loved one, and now you don't know what glass it is? 

With a few key pieces of information, we can identify your glass from our vast portfolio!


Find a glass for your favorites

Make the most of every dollar you spend on your favorite wines or spirits with a glass designed specifically for it.

The RIEDEL Concierge will discuss your preferences and give advice on which products will give you the greatest enjoyment.


Build the perfect collection for your home

Starting from scratch or doing a complete overhaul? With the help of our consultant team, we can build a custom collection that suits your style, preferences, and cupboard space!

We can even come into your home for a personal one-on-one experience.