The Heavyweight Among Cocktails

Long Island Iced Tea

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The Long Island Iced Tea has a certain reputation and is quite a heavyweight among cocktails. With no less than 4 spirits, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart! Learn how to make a Long Island Iced Tea, where it got its name and how to serve it.


What’s long island iced tea

and where did long island iced tea originate from?

The Long Island Iced Tea or Long Island Ice Tea is quite a strong cocktail, because it consists mainly of spirits. With a low ratio of mixers, the alcohol concentration is very high in this cocktail, thanks to the vodka, rum, tequila and gin in the drink. However, served on ice, it is still considered very refreshing.

Exactly who invented Long Island Iced Tea has not been finally clarified. Two main origin stories are attributed to the cocktail. On the one hand, Robert Butt of Long Island, New York is named as the inventor, but at almost the same time a very similar cocktail appears in the Long Island community in Kingsport, Tennessee. 

Like the origin stories, the origin of the name is not entirely clear. However, it can be said that the name probably comes from the place of origin.

How is a Long Island Iced Tea served best?

For the refreshing cocktail, the liquid components are first gently stirred and then served on ice.

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One of the most common shapes for mixed drinks is the highball glass or also called the long drink glass. It can be used to serve non-alcoholic beverages or mixed cocktails with a high amount of non-alcoholic mixers such as soda or juice. Its tall shape maintains effervescence, and its generous size provides space for both liquid and ice. 

A specialty in the cocktail scenery is the infamously Long Island Iced Tea. Due to the high ratio of spirits, it is also served in a long drink glass with a lot of ice.


What do you need for a Long Island Iced Tea?

Let’s make a Long Island Iced Tea!

  • 40 ml / 1.5 oz. vodka
  • 20 ml / 0.75 oz. tequila
  • 20 ml / 0.75 oz. white rum
  • 20 ml / 0.75 oz. gin
  • 30 ml / 1 oz. lemon juice
  • 10 ml / 0.25 oz. sugar syrup
  • Cola to top up
  • Ice (for the shaker and for the drink itself)
  • Lemon for garnish

How to prepare a Long Island Iced Tea?

Add vodka, tequila, gin, rum, lemon juice, and sugar syrup to a shaker with ice cubes and shake well. Fill a RIEDEL Tumbler Collection long drink glass with fresh ice cubes. Pour the shaken drink through a bar strainer into the glass and stir gently. Top up with cola and serve with a lemon wedge. Enjoy!

You do not like Cola? Have you ever tried to replace the Cola with Pineapple Juice? You will get a Hawaiian Iced Tea!

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