The new red wine set

Key to Wine

Based on the principle of ‘form follows function’, the "The Key to Wine" Tasting Set includes glasses which show the difference in performance of thin-skinned (Pinot Noir), medium-skinned (Syrah) and thick-skinned (Cabernet/ Merlot) grapes.

Introducing the 2024


A Harmonious Blend of Convenience and Elegance

Welcome to the world of GRAPE@RIEDEL, where every sip is an experience crafted to perfection. Our latest collection, GRAPE@RIEDEL 2024, embodies the spirit of convenience, informality, and multitasking, designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern connoisseurs and mixology enthusiasts alike.

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RIEDEL Veloce Collection


For the RIEDEL Veloce "S" series, the grape variety is not indicated on the base.

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Mise En Place


proud to announce the launch of the

Riedel Resort

embodies the spirit of leisure and sophistication.

TritanTM from Eastman is a copolyester material with which RIEDEL has redefined luxury and durability, creating a collection that will elevate poolside and outdoor entertainment to new heights.

RIEDEL Decanters 2024


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