The New RIEDEL Portfolio

For 2022

Based on the world's infatuation with ultra fine glassware, we are thrilled to introduce our new collection RIEDEL Veloce this year, a collection absolutely unmatched in style and technique.

Plus introducing our user-friendly RIEDEL Wine Friendly collection, and new colored iterations of current ranges and decanters.

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lighter and finer than ever before


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RIEDEL VELOCE is an impressive collection that merges state-of-the-art technology with high functionality.

Produced by a specially developed machine at RIEDEL's Weiden factory in Germany, this cutting-edge technology creates glassware equal to those crafted by a master glassmaker

Each glass also includes its primary grape varietal printed on the base.


A casual approach to wine enjoyment

RIEDEL Wine friendly

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Presenting the perfect collection for beginners or occasional wine drinkers who are after easy-to-use glasses produced with the famous RIEDEL quality.

The RIEDEL Wine Friendly collection caters to a worldwide increase in demand for entry-level glasses that are functional and versatile.

New Decanters

New hues for old favorites

RIEDEL High Performance

another four sparkling gems


Get into the Spirit

Mixing Sets

Get into the Spirit

All for your bar

the perfect complements to our glassware


Nachtmann Ethno


Country Dining Culture

Nachtmann Ethno

This delightful glassware range oozes mellow ethno-style character. Ideal for convivial gatherings on the patio! The Nachtman Ethno family captures that special holiday feeling in this range for all occasions, from tumblers and long drink glasses to hot beverage mugs and even a snack bowl.

Nachtmann Noblesse


All time classic

Nachtmann Noblesse Cocktail and Champagne Glass

A touch of luxury for the home – that’s the Nachtmann Noblesse stemware range for cocktails, wine and champagne. With its elegant cut design offering supremely aesthetic appeal, this crystal glassware is a must in any home. The versatile designs are perfect for many uses and occasions – stylish and sparkling crystal glasses that showcase alcoholic and soft drinks with equal assurance.

New Color Variants

Nachtmann Noblesse Color

Stylish new color variants of the tumblers are available in Fresh Colors aqua, rosé, mint and taupe as well as Vintage Colors vintage blue, berry, smoke and tobacco. The whisky tumblers are dishwasher safe.

Time for a touch of gold

Nachtmann Noblesse Gold

The Nachtmann Noblesse Gold whisky and long drink tumblers are an irresistible invitation to sip and enjoy. The rich design of these cut crystal glasses is complemented and completed by their sparkling gold rim. Ideal for festive occasions, they also add a special touch to everyday. Setting accents of luxury, Noblesse glassware transforms any home into the perfect bar.

Nachtmann Noblesse SPA


Splendor and mindfulness


The Nachtmann Noblesse Spa crystal glassware family is a tribute to 180 years of expertise in the creation of premium crystal products. These products are a sophisticated reflection of the evolving demands of our modern age. Creating wellbeing in daily life are the room diffusers and lotion dispensers, perfectly complemented by the new storage jar with a gleaming stainless-steel lid.

Spiegelau Definition


Elegance meets lightness

Spiegelau Definition

The Spiegelau Definition series combines functionality and aesthetics with unprecedented lightness. The glasses are almost as light as a feather in the hand. Definition glasses were designed to showcase a wines aromas and flavours at their very best. Fully dishwasher-safe, Definition crystal glasses are designed and made in Germany. They underscore Spiegelau‘s clear commitment to quality and sustainability.
New additions to the series are a Champagne glass, Digestive glass and a carafe with stopper.

Spiegelau Allround


Classic with charm

Spiegelau Allround

Every glass a true all-rounder! The Spiegelau Allround series is a stylish and assured choice, the answer for any occasion. Durable and versatile, it offers the perfect glass for every setting.

Sparkling elegance

Spiegelau Spumante

The Spiegelau Spumante champagne tulip features an elegant, tapering shape with harmonious curves and balanced proportions that allow generous space for aromas to unfold. Its nucleation point promotes the generation of bubbles. The ideal choice for premium sparkling wines from Franciacorta or Champagne.