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RIEDEL Superleggero

In homage to the 50th Anniversary of Sommeliers, RIEDEL reintroduces Riedel Superleggero, and sets a new benchmark for premium machine-blown wine glasses.

The perfection of a machine-made glass compared to handmade lies in the precision of the bowl and rim diameter and its consistent quality. The collection includes the largest, thinnest, and lightest glasses with the widest base diameter of up to 106 mm ever produced on machine to date. RIEDEL Superleggero glasses are fine-tuned instruments, specifically shaped to enhance your wine enjoyment. Perfectly balanced, grape varietal specific and with the look and feel of a handmade glass. The collection features eight grape varietal shapes. Each glass carries a grape-varietal specific code on the center of the base to identify the grape-variety.

RIEDEL Decanters 2023

RIEDEL Mosel Magnum Decanter

Limited Edition

RIEDEL Amadeo Sunshine & RIEDEL Amadeo Moonlight

Recommended for red wines, white wines, and sparkling wines.

Two unique and exclusive "signature pieces" are launched to complement the successful RIEDEL Amadeo decanter collection in 2023, with only 500 each of these coveted products available worldwide. For 2023, the RIEDEL Amadeo Sunshine and RIEDEL Amadeo Moonlight decanters will be the perfect complement the collection. A play of colors in pink, evocative of the warming summer sun, or the unique shade of blue with which the full moon illuminates the nocturnal landscape adorn the curvature of the decanter. Showing that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, the name is a nod to the song made famous by The Jacksons, “Blame It On The Boogie” which is one of Eva Riedel’s favorite songs.

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RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware

RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Coffee Glass

This may seem strange at first glance, but it has a very long tradition in the Arab world, where tea is also served in glasses. RIEDEL takes up this topic and presents its new coffee glass in 2023.

Coffee served in a glass?

Get into the Spirit

Mixing Sets