Japanese culinary culture is making inroads around the world, and Riedel has created the perfect glasses to accompany it

JANUARY 2019, Glassware innovator, Riedel, has responded to specific demand from Riedel lovers in Japan with a new RIEDEL YASAKA glass, well suited for Japanese style dining environments and smaller proportions of Japanese tableware at home and in restaurants.

The short-stemmed Yasaka glasses have been created due to the ongoing boom and great appreciation of Japanese cuisine worldwide, which has strengthened the popularity of Japanese dining style and thus the demand for suitable glasses.

Japanese traditionally always had a culture of short or stemless drinking vessels to blend in with its myriad of small sized tableware, often served on low tables or small scale bar dining counters that are housed in the smallest of restaurant spaces.

YASAKA, or sometimes pronounced also “IYASAKA”is an old Japanese word. It means to further prosper, and to "prosper together”. It is also like the meaning of ‘banzai’ (to give cheers) and is said to have been used when celebrating joyous moments and occasions in former times.

In contrast to Riedel’s signature design language accentuated by long stems, RIEDEL YASAKA features 3 short stemmed shapes covering the main grape varietal groups of wines that are generally paired with Japanese Cuisine.

“We are thrilled to introduintroduce RIEDEL YASAKA. By considering all aspects of functional, aesthetic and haptic requirements, the new glasses offer optimum wine enjoyment, fit perfectly into small space dining environments, and can still be comfortably held by their stems,” explains Maximilian J. Riedel, 11th generation of the family business.

RIEDEL YASAKA is the first Riedel Wine glass series ever to feature varietal specific bowls on short stems. Consisting of three machine-made, light weight, durable and dishwasher safe shapes, RIEDEL YASAKA glasses are executed in sparkling fine crystal and feature fine, short stems and large stable bases.

With three options for grape varietal groups Aromatic White Wines/Champagne, Light Skinned Red Grape Varieties and Medium Skinned Red Grape Varieties, RIEDEL YASAKA allows for each glass to be easily matched with most wines that pair well with Japanese cuisine, thus ensuring optimum wine enjoyment every time.