Mixing sets

Recommended for lovers of cocktails and mixed drinks

The cocktail and bar drink revival has long ceased to be a secret. In 2019 Riedel presented its DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE series, developed in cooperation with the US spirits specialist Zane Harris. This series combines the past and the present and meets the need for cocktail-specific glasses in restaurants and bars, and also for cocktail enthusiasts at home.

Following the resounding international success of the Riedel Gin & Tonic sets, in 2020 Riedel is presenting Mixing Tonic, Mixing Rum and Champagne Cocktail, the perfect complement for people who enjoy creating and mixing their own cocktails.

By the way: Meike Zimmermann has created exceptional cocktail recipes specially for Riedel. The instructions for these exclusive cocktails can be found on the packaging.

Meike Zimmermann is a star of the young barkeeper scene in Germany and known for her interesting, innovative creations.

We recommend keeping the recipes for future reference!
The glasses are machine made and dishwasher safe.