Fatto a Mano Performance RED

Traditional Venetian craftsmanship meets the impeccable machine-blowing technology of the 21st century.

In 2019 Riedel presented Fatto a Mano Performance, a combination of two successful series that marries refined craftsmanship (for the stem and the base) and the precision of a machine (for the bowl).

In 2020 the series will also be available with a red stem. In Asia, in particular, red is regarded as the colour of life. It also symbolises joy, warmth, fame and strength.

Riedel Fatto a Mano Performance is produced in the factory in Kufstein. The glasses in this series are made of crystal glass and are dishwasher safe. The variations are: red stem and transparent base, or transparent stem and red base.

Available as Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Champagne glasses. Each glass is individually packed in a gift box.

Fatto a Mano was the first grape varietal specific glass collection with coloured, handcrafted stems – a milestone in the company’s history.

Performance, the first machine-made glass collection with the “optic impact”, wowed the international wine world with its particular functionality within only one year of its commercial launch.