a collection of the finest spirit glasses MACHINE-MADE

For 50 years Riedel has been the leader in grape specific, wine friendly glassware. The same concept was applied to the spirit glasses. The world's most renowned spirit experts participated in extensive tasting workshops. The tasters analyzed the effect of shapes, size and rim diameters on each beverage to create instruments that express the individual character and originality of the beverage.

Riedel Bar brings this collection of superior spirits glasses together for the ultimate home bar and features the most popular fortified wines and spirits. Each glass is finely tuned to increase the enjoyment of spirits by showing the unique character of the beverage; highlighting the tempting fruitiness and de-emphasizing the evidence of alcohol on the nose and palate.

History & Generations

Claus Riedel was the first in history to develop functional glass shapes. His principal focus was on how to enhance the fragrance and the flavor of the beverage. This philosophy continues to be the driving force at Riedel today.