With the RIEDEL BARWARE COLLECTION, RIEDEL takes special account of the requirements of restaurants and bars with regards to cocktail and spirits glasses.

RIEDEL Barware Drink Specific Glassware

The professional glass series DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE is offered exclusively for catering and restaurants and was developed with an eye to their entrepreneurial needs. In collaboration with the spirits specialist Zane Harris, six glasses were created which are perfect for thousands of cocktails.

RIEDEL Barware Tumbler Collection

Available for retail and the hospitality sector, the TUMBLER COLLECTION offers stylish glasses in four new barware designs - Louis, Fire, Optical O and Spey. Each with two different sized glasses, this series is perfect for cocktails, mixed drinks and soft drinks.

Innovative barware for professional use



Continually innovative and at the forefront of design, RIEDEL presents the RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE collection, made in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris, known for his mixology at cocktail meccas including Dutch Kills, Maison Premiere, and Rob Roy. In union of past and present, this new collection answers the need for cocktail-specific glassware among restaurants and bars with six glasses perfected for thousands of cocktails. The glasses are based off the traditional serves for seven classic cocktails: The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sour, Peasant, Buck and Julep. Working in partnership with RIEDEL, Harris created each glass giving specific attention to its size, shape, volume and capacity for ice, a concept in its totality never before explored by any glassware company.

“RIEDEL has always been a great proponent in helping to identify and create consumer and hospitality demand for better stemware as we believe that elevating any experience elevates all experiences,” notes RIEDEL CEO and President Maximilian J RIEDEL. “Every RIEDEL series has resulted from our keen pulse on consumer tastes and a drive for constant innovation to meet these demands. RIEDEL Barware Drink Specific Glassware is no different.

The Highball and Rocks Glasses are specially made for the standard ice cube as well as the large format ice, a growing favorite among restaurants and bars. The Fizz Glass captures the perfect frothy and pillowy “push-pop” head of foam with its parallel sides in cocktails like the gin sour. Sized to be cradled by the hand of the imbiber favor for ultimate comfort, the Neat Glass is proportioned smaller than the Rocks glass but appears full when the ideal amount of spirit or cocktail is added. Nick & Nora, named after the characters in the timeless thriller “The Thin Man,” remembered for its mystery and martini-loving husband-and-wife detective team. The glass ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the drink without forcing the tilt of the head perfect. Equipped with an outward flared lip, essential for the traditional sour, the Sour Glass delivers the silky smoothness to the entire palate, directing the otherwise strong flavor profile to the tip of the tongue where it will be most enjoyed, in keeping with RIEDEL’s form-follows-function ethos.

Ice has the greatest influence in glassware design as it is in practically every drink, not just the cocktail,” notes Harris. “RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE ice glasses are designed to seamlessly answer two of hospitality’s greatest frustrations– liquid displacement and the distorted consumer perception of being underserved. Created to accommodate the industry’s preferred luxury, “large format” ice as well as standard ice cube dimensions, the glasses effortlessly allow both types to either fall centered or side by side. Ultimately, it is crucial to understand the finest points of luxury hospitality’s classic and trendy serves, by factoring in bartender efficiency, guest perception and pour cost. We even consider carbon footprint reduction in our designs. This is the only line of glassware that combines all of these important issues and gives you peace of mind that these glasses were made with your business in mind.

Each unique glass in the RIEDEL BARWARE DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE collection is crafted in RIEDEL’s family-owned factories.

Discover the new bar experience
Four new designs

tumbler collection


RIEDEL's Barware collection presents the essential glasses for all cocktail and spirits lovers, including four new barware designs introduced in 2018, each with two different sizes. 

As with all good trends, the desire for decorated, heavy-based glasses in bars and at home has become current again. Spirits and cocktail connoisseurs are discovering the versatility of these stylish, yet subtly nostalgic, glasses for drinks enjoyment. The four new RIEDEL designs are inspired by the glamorous Art Nouveau period with stylish decoration, and present a contrast to RIEDEL’s traditionally unadorned wine glasses.

‘Optical O’, ‘Louis’, ‘Spey’ and ‘Fire’ have been executed in sparkling crystal glass and are all dishwasher-safe, making them suitable for both professional and home use. As such, all glasses are available in sets of two for retail and in sets of 12 for the hospitality sector.


The two ‘Louis’ tumblers were created by Kyle Solá, who won the Riedel Young Designer Competition with his innovative design as part of the Riedel Design Awards 2017 in Venice. The clean design features a striking line around the bottom of the tumblers.


‘Fire’ is distinguished by its dynamic flame-like decoration, designed by Georg Riedel. These elegant glasses are lighter and finer than the sturdier ‘Louis’ and ‘Spey’, with a tactile element that makes holding the glasses a pleasure.

Optical O

‘Optical O’ is based on the popular ‘O’ series of stemless wine glasses, designed by Maximilian J. RIEDEL. The art of optically blown glass originated in Venice, the home of the most superior glassblowing techniques, and few glass blowers are still proficient in this method.


The ‘Spey’ series takes its name from the world famous Scottish river, which is synonymous with fine Scotch Whiskies. Spey glasses have a large surface area, a timeless elegant decoration, and a heavy base.