Sommelier of the Month (CAN): Cam Pinkney

The Guild Restaurant

Here at RIEDEL, we had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Cam Pinkney from The Guild Restaurant. Located in Calgary, Canada, Cam tells us how he uses RIEDEL at his restaurant and shares expert tips! 

Q: What are your favorite food and wine combos? What do you find to be the hardest/easiest to match up?

A: I love Rhone wines with all kinds of red meats

Q: Tell us about your restaurant. What is your must-eat dish on the menu and which wine do you recommend with it?

A: The Guild exemplifies a new and exciting take on the finest traditions of butchery, cookery and bar-keeping. The must eat dishes are our dry aged steaks or our house made pasta dishes. I would recommend JL Chave from Rhone or a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon with the steaks and any Soave Garganega with our pastas.

Q: Any tips for decanter newbies?

A: While pouring the wine into the decanter, have a candle underneath the bottle to get a glimpse of the wine inside the bottle. This will allow you to see the sedement gather at the shoulder of the bottle so that you don't pour chunky bits into the decanter. You're truly looking at history inside the bottle, remarkable!

Q: Can you recommend one red and one white that you find to be crowd pleasers?

A: Syrah from the Okanagan is a wine that boasts beautiful red and black fruit with moderate fine grained tannins, lengthy acidity and a touch of pepper. Grenache Blanc is growing in popularity and everytime I get the chance to wow a table, this wine shows grace, elegance and beautiful fruit.

Q: In your opinion, how do Riedel glasses enhance the wine drinking experience? Which is your favorite glass/product?

A: Riedel showcases the best in its class through all senses. Visually the craftmanship is laser focused and well thought out. The feel of the glass from perfect weight as you lift the glass, to the stem in your finger tips, through to your lips as the wine glides up the bowl. A Riedel glass absolutely enhances wine as you have the proper aeration and varietal specific glasses are key to any experience. Im a fan of the Perfomance line Cabernet glasses. The decanters are always great pieces to talk about and use.

Q: Any big trends that you have been noticing in the wine industry?

A: Merlot is coming back! I am huge advocate for this varietal and 2019 is its time to make a splash


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