Celebrating the Holidays with the RIEDEL Team

How we mark the festive season across the globe

Every family has their own traditions during the holidays. Whether it's a special meal, a favourite dish, or a festive song, we asked some members of the RIEDEL team to share with us how they like to celebrate.

Laetizia Riedel Röthlisberger Christmas Image


Christmas and the Holiday Season is my favourite time of the year.
I spend it together with my large family in Tyrol - five children running around! - enjoying Austrian Christmas traditions like starting the main celebrations on the evening of December 24.  This dinner consists mostly of cold delicacies and a soup, next to the illuminated Christmas tree, trying to sing and remember some typical Austrian Christmas songs.
On December 25 and 26, we usually invite even more family over, go for walks, and just simply enjoy the time together as we all do not see each other so often. Unfortunately this year we will need to cut down on our visits due to the pandemics. Nevertheless, the Christmas days are accompanied by some delicious wines and I start of course with the most festive one, Champagne, enjoyed in the RIEDEL Fatto a Mano Champagne Glass. I always choose the one with the pink stem; I just love pink Champagne, and pink overall!
As a white wine lover, I will open a bottle of creamy oak-aged Chardonnay with fine notes of vanilla and honey, perfectly reflecting the smells of Christmas. Here I would go for our Haute Couture line, RIEDEL Superleggero Oaked Chardonnay,  which expresses the fine aromas and tastes at its best.

Steve McGraw Christmas Image


Christmas in England is the largest holiday we have and is celebrated in a still traditional way, throughout the land.

It begins with decorating the house around two weeks before 25th December. We bring in a real tree and the whole family helps to decorate it. We’ll usually play some Christmas music and enjoy a bottle of Champagne from our RIEDEL Veritas Champagne Wine glasses.

On Christmas Eve, we will lay out the family gifts under the tree, ready for the next morning. Tradition here states that Santa Claus will visit during the night to bring more gifts. We leave him a RIEDEL O Spirits glass of Sherry and a Mince Pie to refresh him on his travels.

Then, the big day itself – Christmas Day! We rise early and rush to the tree, excited to get our gifts. We each take a turn opening them, whilst enjoying a glass of English Sparkling Wine in a RIEDEL Performance Champagne glass.

Around 1.00pm we’ll sit down for a family feast. Roast Turkey is still high on the list and is the perfect excuse for a glass of Pinot Noir from a RIEDEL Winewings Pinot Noir glass. Afterwards, we will listen to Her Majesty the Queen address the nation, whilst sipping on a delicious glass of Port.

Mark Baulderstone Christmas image


Our Christmas starts in the first weekend of December with decorating the house. My wife will set the tree up and do the lights, the kids hang all the decorations, and finally I come in at the end for the glory by adding the star on top! We have a couple of traditions when we decorate – crisps/chips for the kids and champagne for the adults – and for this, we cannot go past the ultimate elegance of the RIEDEL Superleggero Champagne Wine Glass.

We have a large extended family so there are several meals shared over the month, coordinating time with all the different parts of our family. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s summertime at Christmas. We want to be near the water, eat outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. It’s all about small pours and ice buckets to keep the wine cold. 

On Christmas Day, I always like to start the day with champagne - I need it to cook of course! We have a collection of RIEDEL Fatto a Mano Champagne glasses in blue, white, and yellow, which our guests adore and help to keep their glasses from getting mixed up. 

I love cooking for my family; because it’s often too warm to have the oven on, we normally serve salads, fresh seafood, and barbecued meat. There’s a salad we love with prawns, mango and avocado - can’t really get more Australian than that! We’ll serve this with a full-bodied Chardonnay in RIEDEL Veritas Oaked Chardonnay, followed by Pinot Noir in RIEDEL Veritas New World Pinot Noir because it can be chilled slightly to suit the weather.

Anne Koziara Christmas image


My favorite Christmas traditions are all about the festive decorations and food, especially the baking. I adore all things artistic, and always want to make Christmas as pretty and as colorful as possible! My mom was never much of a baker, but I somehow grew to love the entire process of making Christmas cookies.

By mid-December, our house is filled with goodies from Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Chocolate/Butterscotch Fudge to Frosted Sugar Cookies, Spritz and my Grandma’s Caramel-Chocolate Brownies. Every year, I try a new recipe which is always a fun surprise! 

Baking in the evening goes well with a glass of bubbles! This year, I’ll be using the new RIEDEL Max Champagne glass - its long stem is perfect for flour-dusted hands and sticky fingers. When the baking is done, we enjoy a hearty soup dinner with a bold Napa Cabernet in RIEDEL Fatto a Mano. I love the way the colored stems add to the decorated holiday table.

More often than not, we have a white Christmas in the Midwest, which in my opinion is the very best! After a big feast of ham and all of the fixings, paired with Riesling and Pinot Noir in my Sommeliers stemware, it’s time to bundle up and go sledding or ice skating. This is typically followed by a good game of cards or even karaoke.

My perfect Christmas is spent with family, enjoying each other’s company over a traditional meal and beautiful wines in the best stemware. This year will be challenging for so many families, including ours. Despite some distance, we plan to make lasting memories with great anticipation of the coming year!

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