Spiegelau launches the new Craft Pils glass


July 2017 – Since the launch of its successful Craft Beer series in 2013, Spiegelau has partnered with top brewers and experts to develop a range of glassware specifically designed for certain beer styles.  The latest product, the Craft Pils glass, was developed in late 2016 with Trumer Privatbrauerei. The renowned Austrian brewery is headquartered in Obertrum near Salzburg, and is considered a specialist in pilsner-style beers.

Spiegelau’s glass experts joined forces with pilsner experts from Trumer, as well as a group of beer sommelier graduates from Kiesbye’s Bierkulturhaus, where the “beer sommelier movement” began.

Through countless design and tasting workshops, a special glass was developed that perfects the Pilsner beer drinker’s experience.  The new product accentuates the style’s aromatic structure, with the glass shape designed to help release delicate hops aromas.  It provides the ideal balance between bitter and residual sweetness to deliver pure refreshment and inspire enjoyment sip after sip.

“The slim design of the Spiegelau Craft Pils glass raises the bar when you’re drinking,” explains Josef Sigl, Director at Trumer Privatbrauerei.  “The beer strikes the palate further towards the back, where our bitterness taste receptors are located. This enhances the sensory perception of the dry, lightly sweet and pleasantly bitter interplay that is typical of a pilsner. The taper in the glass creates a gentle swirl and releases aromas, and helps keep those aromas inside.”

As with all of Spiegelau’s Craft Beer series, the Pils glass has a laser cut lip to ensure a clean delivery in every sip, and has been produced in ultra-pure quartz for unsurpassed clarity and true colour presentation. 

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