Sommelier of the Month (UK): Lloyd Beedell

Our Sommelier of the month for December 2015 is Lloyd Beedell, a Sommelier at Park House Restaurant. Lloyd has very kindly answered a selection of questions which are below along with his response.

How did you get into the wine industry?

Whilst studying in Cambridge University, I started working in a wine led restaurant specialising in Australia Wine and upon relocation to Cardiff I joined Park House where it became more serious.

Why do you enjoy using Riedel glassware within your hotel/restaurant?

Unparalleled quality & range of grape specific glassware are key factors but also the longevity of the glassware if you look after them!!

Customer reaction is also a factor

What reaction do you get from customers when you serve their wines in different varietal specific glasses?

Customers love learning about why we serve wines in specific glasses and the science behind it.    I often do a tasting flight with them to demonstrate, which is great fun and educational.  The result often costs them money as when they leave they often go and buy Riedel glasses for home!

What’s been your biggest ‘wine’ faux pas?

Park House does a lot of winemaker dinners and on my first day Lindsay McCall from Paringa Estate was hosting a dinner in the evening.   Not realising that Lindsey was a man I promptly walked past him and introduced myself to his female assistant as Lloyd, the Park House Sommelier and said to ‘her’ I was delighted that she was hosting tonight’s dinner and that I couldn’t wait to hear her story………….!

What’s been the funniest ‘wine’ moment in your career? 

The Saturday night theatre of pouring from the Mamba decanter!!!!!