Let These Florists Brighten Your Day

With so much conflict and controversy in the world, we can quickly become fatigued by all the darkness. We've pulled together six beautiful and unique florists from across Australia, who add colour and beauty to the everyday. Their stunning arrangements are sure to lighten your load and inspire your next floral purchase.

Australian Florists - Poho

Poho Flowers


Both edgy and conventional, Poho has nailed the art of mixing bright colour with traditional neutrals to create true floral masterpieces. Based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, they mix up their shapes and play with height to bounce your eye around the bouquet. Every delivered arrangement arrives wrapped in their signature baby blue paper, a colour not often found naturally in flowers and yet another nod to their playful attitude to hue and contrast. In the words of Ed West, the owner of Poho Flowers: “Nature creates the best colours, shapes and textures, we then get to interpret a brief and bring this all together.”

Australian Florists - Studio by Fleur

The Studio by Fleur


Fleur McHarg’s bouquets are impossibly pretty. She has perfected the art of letting one particular flower shine bright as the hero of the arrangement, keeping her colour palette tight for an intensely romantic look. A bit of a floristry celeb in Melbourne, she has worked on some dreamy editorial shoots and events that make you either want to float away or fall in love. By keeping her range of blooms consistent within each arrangement, Fleur invites you to consider the structure, hue and depth of each bouquet. In her own words: “Let the flower be the star.”

Australian Florists - Rustic Florals

Rustic Florals Sydney


If rustic simplicity sums up your style, then this is a florist worth checking out. Run by Kseniya Nikandrova in Western Sydney, Kseniya uses dried flowers to add structure and longevity to her arrangements. With a palette of primarily neutral colours, her addition of Australian natives like Billy Buttons and Cotton Flowers add interest and unconventional pops of pleasure for flower lovers amongst the hydrangeas and roses. Her modest and romantic arrangements were inspired by memories of pressing flowers with her grandmother, and how this preserved them through the seasons.

Australian Florists - Garden Graffiti

Garden Graffiti


If you’re always turning up the saturation on your selfies and your home is full of colour, you’re going to love what Garden Graffiti do with flowers. Based in Brisbane but with experience and inspiration from London and New York, Garden Graffiti’s philosophy is: colour + texture + movement. They take arrangements from pretty to pretty damn cool with brilliant use of colour that looks almost too bright to be real. Which doesn’t mean they can’t do ethereal too – there’s just a really funky and eye-catching edge to each arrangement.

Australian Florists - Mr Cook

Mr Cook


Want to step into a floral wonderland? Introduce yourself to Sean Cook, founder of Mr Cook in Sydney. He describes himself as having an "organic luxe style" driven by his love of colour and preference for raw and natural over prim and contrived. He is well known for his lush event decorating, and his Instagram is simply heaven for flower lovers. A couple of years ago, he kicked off his #binbouquet movement, prettying up the streets by creating installations in street bins from flowers leftover after events. It’d be hard to feel uninspired walking past one of these wonders!

Australian Florists - Floral State

Floral State


There’s no doubt that Lee-anne Li tends towards the traditional round bouquet shape – but that is where the conventional ends. Her bouquets range from soft and pastel to bright and vibrant, mixing classic blooms with delicate natives. One outstanding feature of her arrangement is that they are densely packed, giving you real bang for your buck. Their floral studio is in Perth and also offers "Forever Blooms", which includes preserved and dried blooms for a long-lasting gift. Simply put, "We aim to do the flora justice by styling them in ways that complement their beautiful colours and form.”

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