Which Whisky Set is Right for You?

Channel your lifestyle with our sets by Nachtmann

Whether you prefer Single Malt or a blend, a Whisky Set is the most stylish way to store your favourite. Complete with decanter and matching tumblers, a Whisky Set is a great way to elevate – or kick start – your home bar.



Whisky decanters, or carafes, used to be purely practical, designed for transporting the beverage from barrel to consumer. Nowadays, with many different options on the market, it’s a statement in your personal style.

While whisky does not need to be separated from sediment and will not mature as it ages like wine, our range of Nachtmann Whisky Sets meet the key criteria:

  • They all feature a perfect airtight seal to reduce unnecessary exposure to oxygen;
  • They are large enough to fit the entire contents of a standard bottle;
  • They are produced in high quality, lead-free crystal glass so don’t leech any nasties.

A Whisky Set is undoubtedly a beautiful investment for your favourite whisky (or whiskey), so which of our five stylish sets suits you?


Nachtmann Aspen Whisky Set

Aspen Whisky Set

If minimal is your style, the Aspen set is for you. With clean lines and a strong silhouette, Aspen celebrates the brilliance of crystal glass. We can guarantee the heavy-based tumblers would find a welcome home in the hand of the world’s most stylish spy, swilling a Macallan after a long day saving the world. Just add a well-tailored tux and an Aston Martin.

Beautifully understated, the Aspen Whisky Set will sit pretty in your home alongside your unadorned wine glasses, bold contemporary art, and modern colour palette. With its neat tumblers and dynamically angled stopper, this set will draw just enough attention to impress and highlight the smooth character of your favourite Single Malt Whisky.

Nachtmann Highland Whisky Set

Highland Whisky Set

As the ultimate entertainer, you believe everything good in life is better shared, and are always on the lookout for ways to elevate your parties. Original table decorating ideas, great recipes, the latest cocktails… how about different glasses for each of your guests? You’ll never suffer from “Does anyone know which glass is mine?” again!

The Highland Whisky Set is perfect for the entertainer as it includes four individually designed tumblers in each set: "Cross", "Diamond", "Square" and "Straight". They are a true expression of personality and the ideal set for your next elegant affair.

Nachtmann Punk Whisky Set

Punk Whisky Set

Kick down the door in your Doc Martins, because the Punk Whisky Set is here to disrupt your drinks. It's not interested in being polite or saying please and thank you because when you want a drink, you want it stiff, and you want it now! Punk needs no watering down.

Created by student designer Anke Buchmann as part of the 2017 Nachtmann NEXTGEN Project, the series uses literal translations of punk visuals like studs and spikes to stand out. Its design is tactile and abrasive and will have you reaching for another sip. Its distinctive and attention-seeking nature breaks away from classic design rules, just as you do when decorating your home. Who says you can’t layer pattern on pattern? If neutral is your worst nightmare, Punk is for you.

Nachtmann Noblesse Whisky Set

Noblesse Whisky Set

The timeless style of the Noblesse set will have you feeling like Don Draper in no time. A nod to traditional cut crystal, this set is at once both conventional and modern with its floral dynamic design and bold square stopper. It’s sure to bring a touch of old-school luxury to your mid-afternoon office swills (okay, maybe you don’t need to be at it quite as hard as Don!).

But your favourite whisky will definitely feel right at home in this set. It will fit perfectly amongst the rest of your traditional spirits and mixers on your home bar, today and in 20 years. Because when it comes to your style mantra, you know that classic cocktails never go out of fashion, and neither do the best designs.

Nachtmann Shu Fa Whisky Set

Shu Fa Whisky Set

Are you a true and dedicated design lover? Do you spend your weekend trawling galleries and markets for unique finds? If you’re always seeking something different and have an aversion to tradition, the Shu Fa Whisky Set is for you.

The Shu Fa series was developed in 2016 as part of the NACHTMANN NEXTGEN Project, by student designers Mao Churong and Gong Yining from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphic ink paintings, it plays with structure and texture. It’s a perfect match for that boutique limited edition whisky you found on a weekend trip to Tasmania.

NACHTMANN Aspen Whisky Set 2er-Set + Dekanter
NACHTMANN Highland Whiskey Set
NACHTMANN Punk Whisky Set
NACHTMANN Noblesse Whisky Set