FRIES racks

A money-saving investment

The FRIES Rack Systems are a smart investment for your venue, saving you money with reduced breakages.

Designed for 500mm x 500mm dishwashers and in varying heights for different stem heights, these segmented plastic racks prevent your glasses from knocking together.


16 Pcs height 245mm:

Veritas New World Pinot Noir (0449/67), Veritas Restaurant Chardonnay (0449/97), Extreme Restaurant Shiraz (0454/32), Riedel Restaurant Pinot Noir (0446/07), XL Restauramt Pinot Noir (0447/07)

16 Pcs height 260mm:

Veritas Restaurant New World Shiraz (0449/30), Extreme Restaurant Cabernet (0454/0)

30 Pcs height 260mm:

Veritas Viognier (0449/05), Veritas Riesling (0449/15)

20 Pcs height 230mm:

Riedel Restaurant Shiraz (0446/30), Riedel Restaurant Cabernet (0446/0)

20 Pcs height 245mm:

Veritas Cabernet (0449/0), Veritas Old World Syrah (0449/41), XL Restaurant Riesling (0447/15), XL Restaurant Shiraz (0447/30)

36 Pcs height 230mm:

Ouverture Champagne (0480/08), Riedel Restaurant Champagne (0446/48)

25 Pcs height 215mm:

Ouverture Magnum (0480/90), Degustazione White Wine (0489/01), Riedel Restaurant Riesling (0446/15), Riedel Restaurant Viognier (0446/05)

25 Pcs height 230mm:

Degustazione Red Wine (0489/0), Champagne (0489/48), Extreme Restaurant Rose (0454/55), Riedel Restaurant Champagne Wine Glass (0446/58)

25 Pcs height 245mm:

Extreme Restaurant Riesling (0454/05), Veritas Champagne (0449/28), Veritas Sauvignon Blanc (0449/33)